How to Use a Bong for Weed

How to Use a Bong for Weed

Knowing how to use a bong for weed is not a skill that we get born with.

However, it is both effortless and extremely delightful to toke from a bong because the effect of the green medication feels so relaxing!

The first time I decided to use a bong all on my own, I ended up burning way too much of the precious herb that it almost made me cry.

But then after a few trials and errors, making it back home after a long day at work and immediately jumping in the hot bathtub with the bong became one of my favorite ways to unwind and chill ultimately.

Below, you will find a quick and easy to follow tutorial on using a bong to get the maximum of your cannabis experience.

#1 – Fill your Bong with Water

This is just as simple as it sounds.

You need to fill your bong with water up to an inch over the additional long tube that connects the main body of the bong with the side where you load your grinded marijuana buds.

That rule applies to all bongs, regardless of their size.

Pouring less than an inch of water, reaching that additional tube, and you won’t be able to inhale the smoke efficiently.

Pour less and the bubbles that form will splash you.

If you’d like to diversify your bong experience, you can try adding a few drops of your favorite essential oils.

I love mixing Orange oil and just a tiny drop of Peppermint Oil.

As a bonus, the terpenes found in essential oils serve as natural enhancers for the beneficial terpenes, present in marijuana.

Make sure you avoid splashing water over or inside the additional tube.

Whether you opt for tap water, a mineral of spring water to fill your bong is only a matter of personal preference.

#2 – Prep Your Weed

You want to grind your cannabis buds well, as this is extremely important to ensure a smooth burning and no wastage.

You can use scissors but avoid touching your tender buds too much with bare hands or you risk decreasing their potency.

The delicious and powerful dust, covering the buds, is best to go straight in the bong!

For this purpose, a grinder always works best.

Now apart from grinded cannabis buds, you want to save a few larger pieces (about 0.2 inches on average) on the side.

These will work great to place in the bowl before the well-grinded tiny particles, as the bigger ones will serve as a fence to prevent tiny pieces from getting sucked up.

#3 – Pack it Up!

Okay, now it’s time to pack your weed inside the outside end of the additional tube, connected to the main body of the bong.

Typically, that end looks like a small funnel in shape.

This is what we called a bowlat point 2 for explaining the purpose of starting with larger pieces of weed when you pack the bong.

Try to avoid pressing the grinded marijuana buds too firmly.

Packing your bong too tightly will block the air from passing easily through the weed as to smoke it and feel it better!

Also, there’s really no need to keep stuffing the bong’s bowl all the way until it is totally full.

That will only be a waste of weed if you are intending to smoke alone or just with a single buddy on your side.

You can always add more as you finish with the first dosage but leftovers smell and taste terrible.

#4 – Find a Comfortable Position & Light it Up

Sit somewhere cozy where you can position to hold the bong effortlessly and comfortably.

But first, take a few deep breaths and prepare your lungs for the experience.

That is also crucial for supplying your lungs with lost of oxygen, which further helps to limit coughing.

To make the most of the bongaventure, you need to practice breathing with the diaphragm.

Instead of shallow, throat breathing, you have to let the air fill in your tummy.

You can imagine trying to make your belly as filled with air as possible – this is the deep breathing which turns a bong into an experience.

Hold the body of the bong and don’t release the grip.

Now, you will want to light it up by slightly tilting the bong if you can’t find any other suitable position to take a hit. Inhale as you are lighting up the stuffed weed and keep in your lungs for an average of 3 seconds.

Just 1,2,3 and all the active cannabinoids have already made it to your endocannabinoid system.

#5 – Inhale All the Good of your Green Medication

When you press your lips to the outer side of the bong you have to strive for just 1 single thing – try not to let any air pass through.

The position of the mouth while using a bong might feel strange at first but it has tremendous benefits.

The wide open mouth is much like a wide highway tunnel, where the vapor flows effortlessly in.

As a result, the effects after bonging up is so deliberating!

And ultimately, now you know how to use a bong for weed.

What are you waiting for?

Enjoy your cannabis experience, buddies!

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