I love growing marijuana review

I Love Growing Marijuana Review

Shipment Options: Worldwide Discreet Shipping
Company Location: Amsterdam
Payment Methods Offered: Cash, Western Union, Credit Card, Bank Transfer

We have scoured the world just to find the top marijuana seed companies where you can buy from. If you are looking for a seed bank that ships seeds to where ever you are then read our I Love Growing Marijuana review.

History of the Company

The founder of I Love Growing Marijuana is Robert Bergman. He grew marijuana in various locations in Amsterdam during the past two decades. He began with smaller home setups, with just 5 marijuana plants. Eventually, it increased, ultimately becoming a commercial sized indoor plantation. This is the very reason why this online seed bank also serves as a website that provides a growing guide to marijuana growers, most especially the beginners. As years passed by, Robert worked together with some of his friends, and as a group, they established I Love Growing Marijuana, presenting a wide variety of high-quality cannabis seeds.

Choices and Seed Quality

I Love Growing Marijuana focus on breeding medical marijuana seeds. Here, you can find several seed categories, making it a whole lot easier to recognize your options. The categories of the seeds include indoor, outdoor, beginner, and medical marijuana seeds. In the seed shop page of the website, there is a particular are on the left portion of the page where customers can easily filter and select from the wide variety of seed options. You can also narrow down your filter by choosing the seeds depending on yield, type, flowering time, THC level, height, climate, and others. This results in the easier selection, most especially if you are looking for a specific seed that you want to grow in your grow space.

Customer Service Capabilities

If you are looking for shop support and customer service concerns, you can fill out the form easily, where you can leave your name, email address as well as your question. Since the website is run by the owner himself, you can expect that the answers will be provided personally by him. Being a marijuana grower himself, equipped with several years of experience in this field, you can be assured that you will be provided with high-quality customer service.

Also, the website of this seed bank offers a growing guide composed of a number of blogs about growing marijuana. For such reason, you may skip on actually calling or leaving your contact details and question because the blogs may also provide answers to your questions. It is vital, therefore, to read the blogs first to be guided accordingly. You may also request to receive a copy of the Marijuana Grow Bible introduced on this website.

Website Functionality

The I Love Growing Marijuana is quite easy to use. Its main page offers a good amount of information on the website. For instance, it offers several articles which highlight the best information you needed for your marijuana growing project. It also provides details including the comments from other growers. The lower part offers a site map guide, as well as pages about the background of the company and the website.

When it comes to the organization within the website, everything has been arranged appropriately. This means that everything is clear and you will not be confused as you access this website. The graphics and images that are being used are very attractive and clear. The online seed bank is also categorized according to the different seed types, enabling you to select the specific seed that you are searching for.

Shipment Options

This online seed bank offers worldwide shipment. You will receive your order in a sturdy, padded envelope. You may not see any reference when it comes to your order both in and out. Various sender addresses are also being used. Also, there is no branding packaging used. The shipment of the seeds is a guarantee, except for certain countries including Brazil, China, Israel, Philippines, and Indonesia.

Seed Pricing/Available Payment Options

There are different payment options accepted, including cash, bank, credit card, Western Union and Bitcoin.


  • The website is very informative
  • Easy to access
  • High-quality customer service


  • At one look, the seed bank looks more like a blog site

Overall Feedback

Most customers agree that I Love Growing Marijuana is one of the best seed banks where they can get their marijuana seeds. For one, their experience attests to their capability as a company. At the same time, there is an assurance to guaranteed shipment, along with the fact that if you do not receive your orders for any reason, you will receive new seeds, all for free.


I Love Growing Marijuana is unquestionably a very effective seed bank, serving as a growing guide website at the same time. With different blogs talking about various marijuana-related topics, you will be guided accordingly, not just for your purchase, but also when it comes to providing assistance during your actual growing process. This is designed, not just for experienced growers, but also for beginners.

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