is chronic indica or sativa

Is Chronic Indica or Sativa?

The question is chronic Indica or Sativa has continuously been circulating online, and a lot of users and breeders are differently informed about this topic. There are some who says that chronic is a term for good weed and that it is not a specific strain of some kind. But to make things simpler, chronic is a hybrid strain of 50% Sativa and 50% Indica.

The Chronic marijuana strain is one of the living legends among all the regulars and rappers. In fact, it has been mentioned as one of the most strains that are classical ever to exist. So that must probably one of the many reasons of smokers why they stick to thisChronic hybrid.

The Chronic Hybrid Marijuana Explained

The chronic strain was originated from having a cross between Skunk X, Northern Light X, and AK47 strains. It has been widely used as a medical benefit for relieving pain relief, anxiety, depression, loss of appetite, and other kinds of ailments. The only downside about this strain is that it will give a combination of a dry mouth and cotton eye effect. Chronic can be as versatile and beautiful as it is and whatever type of Chronic strain you use, it always retains it smoothness and potency which is loved by many

Below are some interesting information about the Chronic strain so if you are just one of the many people who is curious about this plant, having a basic knowledge of it can be a good start.


The appearance of the Chronic strain is usually elongated and long. It has dark green, light green, and specks of golden that is woven throughout. It has been marked to have small to medium flowers which usually clings together in a popcorn-like and clustered formations. Its buds are dense with a typical structure of an Indica and its leaves show to be tightly-coiled. The leaves of this strain come in the shade of olive green and pistils of vibrant red. Its trichomes are translucent amber which covers the outer and inner surfaces of its flowers, and gives a yellowish and dewy look to its overall appearance.

Type of High

The high that the Chronic strain provide takes effect very fast, and rocketing smokers to experience a heavy headspace that is marked by free and fast-paced thinking. This can be an advantage for people who want to work on analytical problems and it can even make you dwell on creative brainstorming. This hybrid strain is also a nice complement to start up your activities such as cleaning and running your own errands.

If used in a social settings, it can give an upbeat vibe, shared laughter, and a giddy conversation which can bring a life to a party. However, as time passes, the body high coming from this strain emerges because of its CBD content. This can still be an advantage because it can provide the relaxation for people who want to unwind with their friends after a very tiring and long day. The sedation brought about by this strain can put stoners’ bodies in high doses, which can eventually make their minds to be clear.

This can be the perfect choice of strain if you’re looking for a remedy for insomnia. Chronic strain can be best enjoyed during nighttime just before going to bed. It can provide a long lasting high for up to six hours.


Chronic can bring a skunky and strong odor if it is properly cured. But this powerful funk contrasts the earthy and sweet base notes it provides. A lot of users grind up this strain to yield spicy and hashy scents. Its smoke can be peppery and fruity when exhaled and can linger on the palate for quite some time. If you want to keep things discreetly, you have to take a lot of precautions because the Chronic strain can provide a very pungent smoke.

Growing Techniques

The Chronic strain can either be grown indoors or outdoors. Outdoor cultivation will require you to have a semi-humid climate with a temperature that ranges between 72-80 degrees Fahrenheit. The Chronic strain will not require you to have regular pruning or “topping” to produce the maximum yields. This hybrid can flower for 9 to 10 weeks when it is grown indoors.


The Chronic hybrid is known to have great levels of CBD which is an advantage for the medical cannabis patients. This strain can give a temporary numb on some of the deep-seated pains and aches, both long-term and temporary. This strain can also be a great choice to provoke hunger and can benefit people who are losing appetites brought by some severe treatments like chemotherapy. This can also benefit people who have attention deficit disorders because it can provide good concentrations. The mind race from this strain can lead to paranoia that’s why it is not a recommended use for people that are prone to panic and have a low tolerance when it comes to THC.


A full-bodied and potent hybrid, that’s what makes the Chronic strain be an all-purpose strain for all the seasoned smokers. Whatever answers they have on the issue, is chronic Indica or Sativa can already be of slight concern because although a lot of debates are going through, it will never ignore the fact that this strain is the perfect smoke any user wants. This can be a fun and exciting way to embrace the world of cannabis, giving you a desirable and awesome experience.

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