Is Marijuana Bad for Dogs

Is Marijuana Bad for Dogs?

The sanctioning of marijuana throughout the different states brings basic help to households for its restorative purposes. Scientifically, the marijuana cases have been increasing and you can easily find it in someone’s home.

Living and non-living things around the house imposes reaction if they are associated with it, and then, how is marijuana bad for dogs if they have been accidentally or not ingested marijuana.

Truth be Told: Is Marijuana Bad for Dogs?

Dogs or any animals can ingest marijuana in various manners. For instance, they can ingest pot butter, brownies, or any marijuana edibles, and sometimes it can be from the owner through secondhand smoking, etc.

Be that as it may, is marijuana bad for dogs? The truth about this question is that marijuana is bad for dogs. However, there are two types of marijuana, one that can cause harmful effects and the other one can bring helpful effects. Within the categories of THC and CBD, one’s effect on marijuana for dogs is bad and the other is good.

The Ways how Dogs become Intoxicated

  • Dogs become intoxicated by marijuana by breathing in secondhand smoke.
  • Eating baked goods, chips, cupcakes, brownies, and candies that have a high content of marijuana are also one of the core keys to how dogs can ingest cannabis. Also, any other form of marijuana concentrates applies to this situation.
  • Most presentations of dogs’ accidentally ingesting marijuana are when dogs found any form of thing that has marijuana content. Sometimes, the left unattended thing you as an owner left is the number one risk on how your dogs become intoxicated.
  • With regards to the number of cannabinoid receptors within the brain, dogs possess more of it that once they are intoxicated with it, the impacts are high conceivably harmful when contrasted with normal people’s reactions.
  • Just a simple amount of marijuana is a major significant thing that can poison dogs.

Dogs Reaction to Marijuana

Once your dog ingested marijuana, accidental or non-accidental, it will release a list of various possible outcomes that may happen. The intoxicating moment may cover from the range between five (5) minutes of its ingestion down to twelve (12) hours. The signs of your dogs possibly giving reactions to marijuana ingestion can last thirty (30) minutes to a few days relying upon the portion in which your dog has ingested.

Furthermore, here are some of the effects that your dogs may show when they’ve eaten or associated with marijuana.

Irregular Heartbeat

  • Ingesting an excess of THC can cause irregular heartbeats in your dogs. This is because your dog’s body may feel the exhaustion that will make their heartbeat drop and jump quickly in no constant manner.

Losing Control of the Bladder

  • If your dog has been ingested with a lot of THC, it may opt to lean on the line of making them very drowsy and slacken their muscles that will bring them to trailing control of their bladder.

Severe Tension

  • Severe tension is one of the underlying effects that will happen when your dogs ingested some marijuana. This reform to marijuana that has high THC content, although high THC marijuana helps dog unwanted dosage of this may not do well.
  • The THC content coming from marijuana may cause muscles to tense up, enabling your dog to not walk properly.
  • As then, if your dog has relied on marijuana as their remedy, make sure that the veterinarian approves it.

Too Much Drooling

  • Another result of too much THC content within the dog’s body system is giving you the occurrence of too much drooling.
  • This is because the THC content will impose gastrointestinal issues that can build the measure of saliva within your dog’s mouth.
  • At some point, too much drooling can be a hint of another agonizing situation within the throat or mouth area of your dog.

Unbalanced Control

  • Vertigo does not only opt to hit humans as the dog can feel it as well. Marijuana that has high THC content being eaten by food may infuse vertigo.
  • The resulting part of vertigo is unbalanced control that your dog may find a hard time to walk well.
  • Within the worst part, your dog may have the highest difficulty in bringing their selves to get up and take some food.


  • In some cases, dogs can turn out to be exceptionally paranoid if they ingest a lot of THC. This can include the line of making your dog pace back and forth in your house with a heavy panting of breath.
  • Furthermore, your dog may start feeling edgy or anxious that it will react to small things in an irritable or grouchy manner. The worst-case may reside on the part that they can be quite risky as the drug doesn’t go well with their thinking.

Solutions on How to Keep Marijuana Away from your Dog

  • Even though there is no antidote suited for your dog when ingested with marijuana, various veterinarians somehow give strong ease to it by admitting your dog to the vet. Veterinarians can control the body temperature of your dog by giving them the right medicines.
  • You must take care of your marijuana as the same as how you take care of your prescribed medicines or liquor. You must place it in a place where no pets or children can reach or has access to it.
  • Take precautions in the place that you are smoking your marijuana with. As then, do not smoke cannabis in an enclosed room while your dog is nearby.
  • If your dog takes a few holds of your marijuana, attempt to incite vomiting right away. But if the case is too hard for you, consider calling your dog’s veterinarian and explain the situation well.


Throughout your query, is marijuana bad for dogs, makes it concluding statement as marijuana is bad for dogs. The THC content of marijuana may infuse beneficial effects but not applying the right amount of it may trigger bad effects. As a result, marijuana won’t reside in helping your dog as this can also impose toxins in their body.

The primary thing you should remember to keep your dog away from experiencing any sort of bad things when it has already ingested marijuana is by keeping your cannabis in a safe place or away from them. Your dog’s health would rely on how cautious you are on using and placing marijuana in a room.

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