Is Marijuana Good for Diabetes

Is Marijuana Good for Diabetes?

A lot of people in the world use cannabis or marijuana for recreational purposes, however, over the years; this herb has become more significant for medicinal use. One of the hottest trends today is Marijuana Good for Diabetes?

As we all know, diabetes is a chronic disease that affects our body’s ability to regulate blood sugar that results in multiple and serious medical complications that affect almost all of our body’s systems. Diabetes is a lethal disease that kills millions of people each year. 

In this post, let us take a closer look if there are facts that the medicinal properties of cannabis can help people with diabetes. Can it alleviate the symptoms of this dreaded disease? 

Is Marijuana Good for Diabetes?

People are simply in awe because of what medical science has found out about marijuana’s medicinal properties particularly the substance called cannabinoid that can treat a range of ailments. However, does it particularly help people with diabetes? 

Medical marijuana can regulate the glucose level at the same time improve the insulin resistance in our body, but doctors are not that game when it comes to recommending it to their patients yet. 

If you’re thinking about preventing diabetes through medical marijuana, well, it was not that positive in terms of passing the standards medically. With all that in mind, that doesn’t mean that marijuana won’t help people with diabetes they can benefit from its other medicinal properties. 

Even though there is no direct effect of marijuana to treat diabetes, it has a range of potential benefits for those who suffer from this disease linked to obesity. 

So, what are these benefits that people with diabetes get from medical marijuana? Here are the benefits they discovered: 

  • Reduced inflammation of the arteries because of its antioxidants
  • Lowered diabetes complication such as neuropathic pain
  • Loosens up blood vessels for improved blood circulation and reduces blood pressure.
  • Muscle pain relief
  • Gastrointestinal discomfort relief

Before you get too excited, experts have a stern warning that these benefits have contradictions. Experts say that they are just scratching the surface about the benefits they’ve listed above for people with diabetes. They are still in the middle of finding more proof to help diabetes patients and medical professionals to understand the good and bad effects of medical marijuana. 

How does marijuana help prevent people who are candidates for diabetes? 

On the brighter side, even though there’s still a lot of work to do to safely say that medical marijuana can treat diabetes, however, it can help people avoid getting this disease. 

How? There are different benefits that medical marijuana that lowers your risk of getting diabetes, to find out check out the info we’ve prepared below. 

Prevents Obesity

There is a lot of proof that marijuana can help minimize the risk of getting obese or overweight. People who are obese are the number one candidate for developing diabetes. People who use medical marijuana to treat various conditions have smaller waist size and maintain their appropriate weight compared to people who previously used it. 

So, there is an association that was identified that medical marijuana users have a 1.5-inches waistline which is lesser than people who are not users. The science behind this is that medical marijuana has potent antioxidant effects that stimulate the body’s metabolic rate to a higher level. Thus it’s easier for them to lose weight while maintaining their prescribed medical marijuana.

Improved Insulin Levels

Our body produces insulin to provide stability in our health. However, people with diabetes have lower insulin production that weakens its response to regulate blood sugar levels in our body. Cannabis or marijuana users have a significantly increased insulin level that is vital to balance the blood sugar level. This also helps reduce the fasting blood glucose while it improves insulin production, and increased the level of the protein that regulates our body’s blood sugar level called adiponectin. 

Helps alleviate neuropathic pain

Another study found out that using hemp oil that contains both cannabinoid and THC have resulted in decreasing the symptoms of people who suffer from peripheral neuropathic pain. This condition is very common for people who suffer from diabetes. It was found out that people who use hemp oil experienced therapeutic benefits especially those that are suffering from neuropathic pain. They found out that it helped reduce the discomfort of people suffering from this condition. 

Reduces inflammation

Inflammation is a very common symptom of people suffering from type 1 and types 2 diabetes as well as other chronic ailments. Do the anti-inflammatory properties make the question of it is Marijuana Good for Diabetes? Well, the anti-inflammatory properties of this plant are one of the most popular medicinal benefits that people enjoy nowadays. Since diabetics commonly suffer from inflammation due to the complications of their disease, they rely on the natural but very potent effects of cannabis to alleviate the discomfort of inflammation. 

Helps improve eyesight

People with diabetes are also very prone to loss of vision. Many diabetics likely go blind when they reach the age of 60 and above because of the complications of this disease. However, cannabis has been used to protect people against retinopathy through CBD treatment. 

The downside of using marijuana for diabetics

Marijuana is used by people who want to gain weight. Marijuana is an effective appetite booster that is why it’s highly used by people suffering from anorexia. 

On the downside, people with diabetes are required to follow a strict low calorie and low-sugar diet. If they use marijuana to help alleviate the symptoms of diabetes, then they’ll be having a difficult time-fighting food craving. 


Is marijuana good for diabetes? To sum this all up about marijuana and its effects on people with diabetes, well, it has a lot of promise, but in the meantime, it also needs tons of studies. The entire medical community is looking forward and expects a lot about the next chapter that will unfold about the benefits of marijuana to fight diabetes. For now, it is better to be cautious when medicating yourself with marijuana for your diabetes.

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