Light Bleaching: How Does it Affect Weed?

Light bleaching is also called light stress. It is usually associated with sunburn in cannabis. Light is actually a very important factor for growing cannabis. It does not matter if you are growing a cannabis plant indoors or outdoors, light has the same effect on plants.

Causes Of Light Stress

Light stress is caused by things like waterlogging (too much moisture in the plant), too much light, too little light, too much heat, or humidity, and poor drainage. It is extremely important that you keep all of these factors under control and that they do not exceed what they should be.

How Light Bleaching Can Affect Weed

Basically, when the sun comes up, it causes the leaves to dry out because the oxygen that is necessary for photosynthesis is depleted. This causes the leaves to turn yellow and die, which makes them susceptible to infection. This is why it’s so important for your cannabis plants to have a lot of light, especially during the night.

However, if you are growing your cannabis plants in areas exposed to strong artificial lights, like HPS and LED lights, then your leaves will end up being bleached and looking a little less than fresh. The reason for this is because the sun causes the light levels to change at a faster pace, which causes the amount of light that can get through into the leaves to drop dramatically. As a result, your cannabis plants are going to appear to have dried out a little bit and hence, giving the “bleached appearance”.

Light can damage the roots of your plant if you do not treat it properly which may result in light bleaching. When you notice that your cannabis plants are starting to change color or show signs of extreme stress in the closest nearby source of sunlight and/or light, it’s possible that they are suffering from light stress.

Here are the effects of light bleaching in cannabis:

  • Yellowish leaves
  • Dull-looking cannabis plants
  • Compromised health
  • Reduced cannabis bud potency

How To Prevent Light Bleaching

1. Use Low-Intensity Lights For Greenhouse

If you are growing outdoors, the sun is an ever-present factor that can damage your plants, so watering your plants properly is crucial to prevent light bleaching. The best thing that you can do to prevent any damage to your cannabis plants is to use lights that have lower light intensities. This will keep your plants from being stressed during the growing season.

2. Use High-Intensity Light For Indoor Growing

Another option for growing indoor cannabis is using lights that have extremely high light intensities. These lights are usually used for commercial purposes but can cause some damage to the roots of your plant. If you plan on growing these kinds of plants in pots, make sure to consult a potting soil specialist before you do anything else.

3. Take Good Care Of Your Cannabis Plants

To ensure your plants are healthy and growing properly, use organic fertilizers, organic potting soil mix, and a pH balanced water solution. Organic fertilizers provide nutrients directly into your plant’s roots so that they grow faster and stronger.

An organic soil mix gives your plants a lot of energy and helps them grow stronger and healthier. An organic potting mix supplies nutrients directly to the roots of your plants, so they do not get lost in your soil.

How To Treat Light Bleaching

Light bleaching can be cured naturally by repotting your plants often. It is recommended that you put your cannabis in the pot for one or two weeks and then remove the pot and replant them in a new pot once the soil is dry enough. You can also cut back on your watering until the soil dries out completely.

There are a lot of other types of lights that you can use to reduce light stress and also to ensure that your plants grow well and grow strong. The ones that are used for the flowering phase should not be used during the rest of the cultivation process since they will cause you more problems. If you are going to use them, then you should go for one that is designed to use only in the flowering phase and not throughout the whole cycle.

Proper Lighting Is The Key

The most important thing when it comes to adjusting LED and HPS lights for cannabis is to use them in the best way possible. It is not as easy to do as you might think but once you do, it will be really easy. If you are going to use these lights for your cannabis growing, then there are a few things that you need to keep in mind before you do so.

Lighting is an essential component of the cultivation process and the one that is most often the source of light bleaching on plants. This can make the process even more difficult especially if you are using the wrong kinds of lights for your purpose.

When it comes to how to adjust LED and HPS lights for cannabis to avoid light stress, there are some things that you need to keep in mind. One is that you should always keep the humidity level low while using them. This will make sure that the growth of your plants will be healthy and strong. Another thing to keep in mind is that you should never leave any lights on for too long without cleaning them because they can cause moisture build-up in the plants and this can also cause stress. light stress.


In summary, lighting stress or light bleaching in cannabis is the result of too much light, too much heat or moisture, or not enough light. When this happens, you should always treat it with some type of remedy. You can also treat it with lights that have very low light intensities. But if you have light stress, you will want to take steps to control or eliminate the amount of light and moisture in your plant.

You need to keep in mind that you need to know the basic concepts before you start growing. and this will be a great help to you as you will have everything that you need to grow in the best way possible.

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