Light Cycle for Autoflowering Seeds of Cannabis

Autoflowering cannabis strains are sure a blessing for all of the marijuana connoisseurs, who wish to grow their own crops with as less fuss as possible.

However, despite the numerous advantages of autoflowering marijuana varieties, many newbie gardeners tend to get pretty perplexed, due to some of the unusual growing specifics of autos.

Thus, if you are wondering what’s the best light cycle for autoflowering seeds, as well as how to continue providing the most suitable light schedule for your autos, then you are not alone!

Keep reading and you will find everything that you need to know about providing the most appropriate amount of light for your green babies. And nontheless – get ready to enjoy sufficient yields from your autoflowering seeds.

Understanding the Unique Demands of Autoflowering Cannabis

Above all, you must keep in mind that autoflowering marijuana strains have some completely different demands when compared to “ordinary” weed varieties, such as Indica and Sativa.

Due to the fact that autoflowering cannabis plants lack the need of the typical photoperiod (12-12 hours of darkness vs light) to grow and flourish, you want to take utmost advantage of this amazing quality, which can be experienced only with growing autos.

For a start, let’s take a look at how Cannabis Ruderalis (the cannabis variety which genes are used for the creation of autoflowering strains), acts in its natural environment.

Most Cannabis Ruderalis types manage to survive and evolve despite the harsh meteorological conditions they are faced with.

But what’s more, since many autoflowers are native to the Northern regions of the world, instead of getting too little light, they do get quite a sufficient amount, thanks to the notorious 24 hours of light which these strains receive as a standard. (Check out the amazing White Nights phenomenon).
Now, on another note, with the lack of a particular photoperiod, autoflowers will take up as much light as you can provide them with, ever since being just delicate seeds.

What’s the Best Light Cycle for Autoflowering Seeds?

As a rule of thumbs, remember that seeds are dormant until the first sprouts pop out (meaning after they have been successfully germinated).

There is one fit-them-all major guideline on maximizing the yields autoflowering cannabis, and it goes like this – The more light, the better!

Okay, but how much is exactly more light for autos?

Most of the professional marijuana cultivators agree that autoflowers thrive on a light schedule, which is anything between 24 hours to 18 hours of sufficient access to light.

The Big Dilemma: 24 hours of Light vs 18 hours of Light for Growing autoflowering Cannabis

Now, although we call this the big dilemma, things are actually much more straightforward.

Remember what we mentioned so far about the one-of-a-kind quality of autos to lack the need for a particular period of darkness in order to reward you with multiple juicy buds?

Well, all in all, this is everything you need to keep in mind when taking care of your autos.

The best light schedule is pretty simple – if you can provide your autoflowering cannabis strains with 24 hours of light – then go for it! More light equals more of those juicy buds in the case of autoflowering varieties.

However, providing consistent periods of 24 hours of light every single day can be both ways too non-cost effective, and damn challenging for you as a grower.

Fortunately, when it comes to autos, you do have much freedom of choice.

If assuring your plants get 18 hours of light fits better into your schedule, then it is nothing but a great idea to put this strategy into practice.

You will be still able to grow satisfying crops within the 18-6 hours of light vs darkness.

Of course, showering your autoflowers with a constant flow of 24-hours light is, then again, extremely beneficial when it comes to the results upon harvesting.

But keep in mind that providing longer hours of light also tends to be more challenging in terms of controlling the suitable temperature and humidity in your grow room.

The Bottom Line

There is literally no cannabis variety known so far by the humankind, as autoflowering strains.

With just a little care and observation, you can enjoy amazing crops which will make every marijuana aficionado feel proud and happy.

As far as providing the best light cycle for autoflowering seeds is concerned, simply remember that the more light, the better!

Can’t get any simpler than that, don’t you think?

And while germinating of marijuana seeds can take anything between 24 hours and 7 days on an average, the more light you can grant to your fragile seeds, the faster you will be able to see them sprout – perky and vital!

In the end, don’t forget to give your autos plenty of love because science had undoubtedly proved that plants do sense your energy and there is no better way to make them flourish than generously pouring all your love!

Wish you a happy and fulfilling marijuana growing journey. If you did find this article useful, please, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up! Together we can spread the word of easy home marijuana cultivation so that more people can enjoy the benefits of the herb.

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