Making Hash Oil with Denatured Alcohol

Making Hash Oil with Denatured Alcohol

Have you ever wondered whether making Hash Oil with Denatured Alcohol is a reliable option?

If so, then your dilemmas might just come to an end!

In this article, we are providing the ultimate tutorial on utilizing denatured alcohol for creating your very own, premium Hash Oil.

Remember that denatured alcohol is composed of both ethanol alcohol and traces of additional elements, which are referred to as poisonous.

Thus, in order to remove any traces of hazardous compounds, found in denatured alcohol, you need to be very precise when making your Hash Oil.

Keep reading to learn all the best practices on using denatured alcohol as part of your homemade Hash Oil.

#1 – Assemble the Basic Kit for Marking Hash Oil with Denatured Alcohol

Fortunately, in order to make your Hash Oil, you don’t have to start assembling your kit from scratch! Most probably, you already have everything it takes to complete the recipe in your home.

1.1 Weed

For a start, we recommend that you begin your hash oil making a journey with as little as 1 ounce of weed.

This way, you can be sure you won’t waste the green material in the case something goes wrong.

Moreover, utilizing 1 ounce of marijuana makes up for a potent enough Hash Oil to use multiple times, so stay humble with the quantity of weed when you are just getting started.

Grind your weed but don’t overdo this. Making the particles too tiny will cause issues with straining.

1.2 Denatured Alcohol

The major advantages of denatured alcohol come with availability and the price. But apart from that, this type of alcohol is a very desirable solvent.

It does perform great for the purpose of extracting efficiently all the resin from your weed. The thin line with denatured alcohol is to make sure you evaporate it very precisely.

Doing so will limit the chances of any of the hazardous, possibly poisonous element to remain intact. Use a cooking thermometer to measure the temperature.

Denatured alcohol evaporates at 172 degrees Fahrenheit (or 78 degrees Celsius).

1.3 Mixing Bowls

Keep 2 mixing bowls handy to succeed with your Hash Oil recipe without even a trace of pressure.

You are going to use one of the bowls to mix denatured alcohol and weed, and the other bowl (or any other type of container you find suitable for that purpose) – you will need to strain the precious weed-alcohol mix in.

1.4 Wooden Spatula

You will have to stir very well the alcohol and the weed not once but twice.

Thus, opt for a wooden spatula for best results. Wood is a non-reactive material and it will not damage the quality of your concoction by any chance.

1.5 Cheesecloth or Coffee Filter

You can opt for both a cheesecloth or a common coffee filter to help you strain the alcohol-marijuana mixture.

After all, you are not going to put any parts of the raw plant material on the heat.

1.6 Double Boiler, Cooking Pot or a Pyrex Dish

You can use any of the tools listed above in order to actually cook your cannabis-alcohol mixture. What is important is to take advantage of a device, which is heat-proof.

Thus, you can choose to employ a common cooking pot and simply place another bowl on top as to mimic the effect of a double boiler, as long as you avoid direct exposure of the concoction to the heat.

#2 – The Ultimate DIY Hash Oil + Denatured Alcohol Guide

As a rule of thumbs, clean and prep your working area very well.

Open the windows and turn on the fans if you are indoors. Remember that you are working with alcohol and in the case of mistakes due to negligence, you can put your kitchen literally on fire.

If you have hot pads, keep them handy as well. Protect your eyes and especially your mouth and nose by using a simple medical face mask to avoid breathing in any of the dangerous evaporations.

Step 1: Stirring Denatured Alcohol and Weed

You will start with mixing very well your weed and the alcohol, using your mixing bowl and the wooden spatula.

You only need to pour as much denatured alcohol, as to cover your weed.

Next, it is important to stir energetically for anything between 3 and 5 minutes. This is how you help the active cannabinoids separate from the weed and dissolve into the alcohol.

Step 2: The First Straining of your Mixture

Simply pour your mixture over the cheesecloth or the coffee filter into bowl number 2.

You can’t use the same bowl where you already mixed the alcohol and the weed because you are going to re-use it for the second stirring, which will help dissolve the cannabinoids left behind to ensure the potency of your Hash Oil.

Squeeze the cheesecloth well or in the case of opting for a coffee filter, press the plants’ material firmly.

Step 3: Simply Repeat Step 1 and Step 2

Just once again cover your weed with enough denatured alcohol as to submerge all the plants material. Stir for another 3 minutes and strain.

So there you go – your dark green Hash Oil-to be is ready to reach the final stage of the recipe!

Step 4: Evaporating the Alcohol

At first, you want to put the heat on high until the water starts boiling. Meanwhile, pour your alcohol-weed liquid in the second pot and place it on top of the basic pot.

Now you want to wait until you notice that your liquid starts bubbling, and you want to act fast. Measure if the temperature of the liquid has hit 172 Fahrenheit (or 78 Celsius)!

Then quickly turn the heat on low because you must avoid too quick evaporation at all cost.

From now on, your mission is to simply sustain the bubbling. At some point, between 15 and 25 minutes (in the case of opting for one ounce of weed), your Hash Oil will be ready, as the alcohol will be evaporated to the point of creating no bubbles.

Finally, scoop the substance and place it on parchment paper before it cools down.

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