Marijuana Flowering Stage Length

When it comes to cannabis cultivation, one of the most important stages of the development of your green beauties is none other but flowering.

Moreover, you absolutely need to gain a profound awareness of the marijuana flowering stage length in order to succeed in your mission.

Don’t get me wrong, though.

The very start of germinating your seeds all the way through vegetation is also crucial.

But when the flowering begins, your mistakes as a grower can become devastating to your future crops.

Most of the newbie weed cultivators encounter difficulties in understanding how long is the flowering stage for indoor cannabis.

But hey, cheer up, buddies, we have all been there – at the very crossroad of recognizing and utilizing the growth patterns of marijuana plants!

Actually, there is nothing to be that worried about because things are so much easier than they appear when you are just getting started!

Keep reading and once you finish this article, you will gain much greater confidence as a cannabis cultivator.

#1 – Your Green Babies Enter the Flowering Stage

As a rule of thumbs, remember that your precious green princesses will be ready to start flowering as soon as week 3 of vegetation has passed.

That being said, you should also bear in mind that the longer you keep your plants into the state of vegetation, the better you will allow them to grow healthy and strong leaves and stems.

However, the moment you switch to supplying your green goddesses with 12-12 light-darkness hours, marks the beginning of flowering.

Typically, it takes between 1-3 weeks for your marijuana plants to develop under the 50/50% light vs darkness.

That depends on the strain you are taking care of.

Nevertheless, when it comes to auto-flowering cannabis varieties, you don’t even need to adopt a specific photoperiod (meaning catering your marijuana plants’ needs for a well-balanced light to darkness ratio.)

During this stage of flowering, your emerald princesses will grow much like an ordinary weed. They are supposed to be vigorous and rapidly increase their height.

That’s why this period is also referred to as flowering stretch.

The flowering stretch is also crucial for determining the sex of your marijuana plants.

Female varieties will grow those notorious pistils while males will end up with growing pollen sacs.

Thus, it is important to remove male marijuana plants from your growing space as they will pollinate your females.

Pollination ends up with your cannabeauties producing multiple seeds but no useful buds for consumption.

Don’t forget that this stage is also perfect for training your green beauties.

Any possible mistakes you will do as a marijuana grower during this phase are still pretty much easy to handle, as well.

#2 – Hello, you Gorgeous Budlets!

Budlets is what we refer to when it comes to those fragile future buds which show as soon as week 1-3 of the flowering stretch ends.

These cannot be labeled as buds yet because they are still developing.

However, this is also the very first time when you will notice the distinct buds-to-be, with numerous fuzzy hairs (the pistils), is stretching out.

During this phase of flowering, your precious green princesses will be very vulnerable to excessive nutrients.

Thus, as a rule of thumbs, you want to keep a very close monitoring on your green ladies and don’t over-fertilize them at any cost!

#3 – Welcome, you Fatty Buds!

Now the next stage of flowering can take place anywhere between weeks 4-6 from the very beginning if the flowering phase.

This is the time when those succulent buds will start to gain weight, becoming fatter and juicier than ever so far!

During this period, you will no longer focus on training your marijuana plants to grow in the shape and size you desire.

Instead, now it’s all about helping your cannabeauties hold those succulent buds which are quickly growing and thickening.

For this purpose, you will want to make sure all the colas are getting equal and sufficient access to light.

#4 – Greetings, Darkening Pistils!

During week 6-8 of the flowering stage, your precious green princesses will stop producing any new leaves.

From now on, it is only a matter of time for the tasty buds to ripen.

Also, at this point, some of the bottom fan leaves will start getting yellow. That process aims for condensing all the energy into nurturing the buds.

The pistils will gradually change in color from white to slowly becoming more reddish or brownish.

#5 – End of Flowering

As week 8 from the flowering stages passes, all you have to do is simply keep monitoring your plants and wait for the full ripening of the buds.

This is the perfect period to flush out the soil and make your cannabeauties feel like rockstars.

Remember to monitor and maintain a perfect pH balance.

The Bottom Line

Congratulations, you talented marijuana growers, for walking the long but utterly rewarding road of growing your very own weed!

I hope you have gained a much clearer understanding of the marijuana flowering stage length now.

Above all, stay patient, consistent and feed your plants will tons of love. If you manage to do so, I bet you will be proud of the results upon harvesting.

Wish ya’ll a happy and trouble-free marijuana growing, buddies!

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