marijuana for hemorrhoids

Marijuana for Hemorrhoids: Is it Effective?

For somebody who’s well-aware of the medicinal functions that marijuana brings to users, it’s easy to tell how it can help with pain relief such as those that are experienced by patients with hemorrhoids. Marijuana for hemorrhoids has become a topic in many recent studies.

This has been due to the increasing number of adults suffering from the pain brought about by hemorrhoids. Up to 50 to 66% of people are said to be dealing with such excruciating pain that led these studies to be conducted about using marijuana. This could be such a memorable breakthrough in the cannabis world.

What are Hemorrhoids?

This could be old news to some people but to make it simple, hemorrhoids are the inflamed, bulging veins that appear in the anus. It could be compared with varicose veins, just that, this one’s located at a very sensitive part of the body.

The most common causes of this condition may include the following:

  • Sitting for a long time
  • Pregnancy
  • Severe diarrhea
  • Straining during bowel movements
  • Obesity
  • Constipation
  • Low fiber diet
  • Anal intercourse

Marijuana for Hemorrhoids

If you are a big fan of cannabis, you surely know that this herb has a natural pain-killing effect on the body. It comes with other more useful functions to the body that any patient may benefit from including its recreational effects.

Cannabis or marijuana is a widely-known herb around the globe which used to be strained and prohibited for its addicting effects. It was since ancient times, though, that this has been used to help relieve pain. Once that became proven and tested through recent studies and researches, the laws of each state started to tone down their restrictions in the use of this bud.

It has two main properties that make it a very powerful medicinal plant. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol and CBD or cannabidiol are those elements found in all strains of marijuana that bring about such effects. Together, they create an anti-inflammatory effect that’s being looked into for the treatment of hemorrhoids.

It was found that if cannabis buds are placed directly onto the hemorrhoids, surprisingly, the swelling and irritating pain in that body part is alleviated eventually. In some cases, people also use tinctures and suppositories containing marijuana to relieve discomfort.

Aside from that, marijuana also helps to eliminate mood-related problems like stress, anxiety, and depression that may be due to the pain of hemorrhoids. Also, there could be times when it becomes hard to sleep due to hemorrhoid pain as well. In that case, cannabis is the best treatment, too.

Top 5 Best Strains

1. Cannatonic

THC: 0 to 6%

CBD: 6 to 17%

Description: The flavors of this cannabis strain include earthy, sweet, and sometimes citrusy also with some tinge of musk and pine aftertastes. This is on top of the list for the very effective medical effects that it brings. Not only does it help eliminate pain and inflammation but it also helps give users a clear head. Its high CBD content assures you of the quick treatment it shall deliver to you.

2. Critical Mass

THC: 20%

CBD: 5%

Description: This is an Indica-dominant strain that boasts the ability to induce sleepiness in patients with hemorrhoids. It’s best to use this during nighttime for a sound and peaceful sleep. No signs of discomfort can be felt while under the influence of this cannabis strain. Instead of the pain, you’ll feel happy and relaxed while you’re dozing off.

3. Harlequin

THC: 4 to 7%

CBD: 8 to 16%

Description: Another high in CBD level cannabis strain. This is a 100% medicinal type of weed strain. Although it has a high THC level, Harlequin remains a popular bud variety for its consistent 5:2 CBD and THC levels. With that, this weed strain is capable of creating a clear-headed feeling and a highly stimulating one. Your pain from hemorrhoids will go away as you take this bud.

4. Mazar I Sharif

THC: 15 to 23%

CBD: 1 to 1.5%

Description: It’s got the taste of a wonderful combination of spicy, herbal, and earthy smoke that suits well those who are not fond of sweets. Mazar I Sharif is a cannabis strain that is legendary not only because of its height but also for its strong numbing pain-relief useful to hemorrhoid patients. Their body becomes relaxed and comfortable even with just one joint of this bud strain.

5. Jasmine

THC: 14 to 16%

CBD: unknown

Description: When you smoke this bud, there’ll be a splash of strong floral aroma and flavor that lingers with some hint of lavender, rose, and sweetness that exudes. From those smells, this Jasmine strain creates a feeling of painlessness as you become free from the inflammation and pain that hemorrhoids bring.

Advantages of Using Marijuana for Hemorrhoids

Sometimes, prescribed medications are not the only treatment you can have to survive a hemorrhoid problem. It’s a condition that you can bear through cannabis and there are certain advantages that it will bring with such a pain-relieving effect.

  1.       It’s natural and does not contain any other added ingredients so it will be effective.
  2.       It’s readily available online or in some nearby dispensaries.
  3.       It’s easy to use and can bring more therapeutic effects.
  4.       It does not cause any side effects if used properly.
  5.       It can be used by people of any age.


Marijuana is an amazing herbal plant although controversial. It deserves to be recognized as one of the widely acclaimed medications for many different illnesses today. Hemorrhoid is just one of those and it’s very common especially nowadays. Keeping some fresh buds in your pocket or at home for emergency purposes such as a hemorrhoid attack should be fine for anybody. Keep toking as much as you like and discover more of this green herb’s wonderful effects. Marijuana for hemorrhoids is such a wonderful discovery science has ever made so far.

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