marijuana gender test

Marijuana Gender Test

Whether your green beauties will turn males or females in the case you are growing from regular seeds is a very crucial step in your entire cannabis cultivation adventure.

And while some mere years ago, many newbie growers tend to experience difficulties in determining the sex of their green babies, nowadays things have tremendously changed for the better.

You can opt for a marijuana gender test to help you recognize the sex of your cannabis plants effortlessly and with 100% accuracy.
A plant gender test is easy to use even for the novice growers, among others, and it won’t cost you a fortune, especially when bearing in mind the important function this type of tests serve.

After all, if you fail to determine the sex of your marijuana plants the right way, you risk leaving males to pollinate females which will deprive you of enjoying those succulent and fat buds we are all craving for!

However, male cannabis plants do have many pros in terms of cannabis cultivation and growing strong and healthy cannabeauties, so it is good to remember the coin has two sides.

Keep looking on the bright side of life!

In this article, we are going to discuss how to make a marijuana gender test (including if you are only equipped with your eyes, after all!).

So read on and you will be ready to nurture your green beauties in the best possible way.

#1 – Genetic Leaf Tests

Genetic leaf testing allows you to run the marijuana gender test as soon as your green babies grow their very first leaves!

As a rule of thumbs, your cannabis plants will need to have at least 3 leaves in order to perform the genetic test.

All you have to do is to gently remove one of the first round leaves that appear. These very first round leaves are referred to as cotyledon leaves and they are easy to spot as soon as the seedling cracks.

Using such small samples allows you to run the test without causing any harm to your green beauties.

The genetic leaf tests use a chemical solution to determine the sex of your plants accurately and you don’t need a Ph.D. in order to run a test smoothly!

In fact, the entire procedure is 100% beginner-friendly and created to help you succeed in your cannabis growing quest effortlessly.

For best results, wait until the full 3 weeks of growing your marijuana plants have passed, as this will help to increase the accuracy of the genetic leaf tests.

#2 – Cannabinoid Detecting Tests

Cannabinoid ratio testing is not to be confused with gender tests, however, these two often go hand in hand.

The purpose of cannabinoid detecting tests is to evaluate the overall ratio of CBD to THC, which allows you to know what to expect upon harvesting, and subsequently, upon consuming your delicious buds.

If you are serious about your cannabis cultivation mission, cannabinoid ratio detecting tests will be worth the price since they simply bring your growing journey to a whole new level.

#3 – How to Determine the Gender of your Marijuana Plants on your Own

In the case you want to learn how to perform a plant gender test on your own, you can still cope very well with recognizing the sex of your marijuana plants.

However, you must also keep in mind that observing and determining the gender of your green beauties on your own always comes with the risk of missing to spot hermaphrodite plants, for example.

Yes, your cannabeauties can send off mixed signs and turn out to be neither males or females, so you ought to be prepared for this one, as well.

It is often the case that newbie marijuana growers and even experienced cultivators will learn how to recognize hermaphrodite cannabis plants once they have already stumbled across such an issue.

But then again, this is part of the beauty of growing your very own marijuana garden, and it is best to embrace trials and errors as a way to learn new skills.

Your marijuana plants will start exhibiting signs of their gender within the first 3 to 6 weeks of growing.

You simply need to know where to look at. Stay on the watch for the so-called pre-flowers, which are the future buds-to-be.

Typically, pre-flowers appear on the higher branches which are situated near to the lights, however, you may also find them on the lower branches just as well.

Male pre-flowers are shaped like a Spade.

Moreover, male pre-flowers are pollen sacs, containing pollen to breed female plants and reward you with numerous seeds (but deprive you of the delicious buds for consuming!).

Female pre-flowers are shaped long and narrow, as opposed to anything Spade-like.

They also grow pistils at some point, which are a firm sign of dealing with a female plant, as males will simply never grow those distinct pistils!

You have a very short period to react when determining the sex of your marijuana plants because once the pollen sacs open and get in touch with the females pistils, the process of forming seeds starts right away.

Thus, if you are feeling insecure about spotting the gender of your plants correctly, the genetic leaf tests can literally save your crops from getting pollinated.

Keeping this in mind, it sure feels good to live in the 21st century when being a marijuana grower can be more joyful than ever, thanks to the numerous expert tools to help us on the cannabis cultivation quest!

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