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Marijuana Growing Supplies that you Need to Get Started

Growing marijuana has never been easier with the use of the right marijuana growing supplies. With the help of the top experts in the field of horticulture, especially in growing marijuana, we’ve come up with a list of the very best, budget-friendly equipment you can use to start growing marijuana.

Quality Grow Lights

Great quality lighting is essential to keeping your plants healthy. Many growers have varying opinions when choosing the best lights for your plants. Metal Halide and HPS lamps generate large amounts of heat and this is not ideal in hotter climates.

Fortunately, LED lights are slowly taking over with its high lumen output and very little to no amount of heat generated. For small grows, choosing LED lightings allow you to save cash from electricity bills and frequent light maintenance.

Advanced Platinum P-Series LED Grow Lights

Advance Platinum grow lights come in different sizes between 150W-1200W. It comes with a complete 12 band light spectrum with easy to control switch that allows you to adjust your lighting depending on your plants growth cycle.

GalaxyHydro LED Grow Lights

GalaxyHydro has been making a scene in making grow lights in the cannabis industry. This LED grow lights come in 3 sizes and their 300W model is the best for growing cannabis in a small to medium size set up.

Mars Hydro Reflector Series LED Grow Lights

Mars Hydro Reflector Series is the most unique among this list of grow lights. It has a unique design with compact reflectors around individual LEDs and each light has a complete spectrum of light including red, white and blue suitable for both vegetative and flowering phase of cannabis’ growth cycle.

Fertilizers and Soil for Marijuana Plants.

sing the right soil and nutrients for your plants ensure maximum yields and optimal plant growth. Just like all other plants, marijuana needs the right balance of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. Choosing the best brand can be a big difference between a wilted yellowish plant and an amazing grow with large and potent buds.

Advanced Nutrients Jungle Juice 2-part Fertilizer

Jungle Juice comes in 2 packs of 4L each which cater the nutrient requirements of marijuana plants during their vegetative and flowering phases. It is especially suited for indoor marijuana growing as it uses nutrient chemicals which do not require UV rays from the sun in order to be broken down and be absorbed by the plants.

Advanced Nutrients Piranha Liquid Fertilizer

Piranha Liquid Fertilizer offers a number of fungi to help robust and faster plant growth. Special fungi are required to allow marijuana plant roots to grow and become more efficient in absorbing nutrients. This is what Piranha specializes in.

Advanced Nutrients Tarantula Liquid Fertilizer

Tarantula is another root focused fertilizer on this list. It offers a wide variety of good microbes that improves the condition of your plants’ roots and the entire soil or hydroponic system. Tarantula contains almost 10 million microbes per gram which improves the quality of the growing medium you’re using and even providing a chance for weaker roots to recover and produce greater yields.

Grow Tents

Growing marijuana in tents is very efficient. Tents are specifically designed to shelter marijuana plants and reflect lights onto every corner of your tent. This allows efficient use of light energy and reduces its wastage. They are also used to contain odors emitted by your plants and provide plants with enough ventilation for a healthy grow. Ultimately, grow tents significantly reduces or even prevents pest infestations on your marijuana plants.

Apollo Horticulture Grow Tents

Apollo Horticulture is a popular brand, probably the leading brand with regards to all things related to hydroponics. They manufacture top-quality grow tents made of durable materials with highly reflective mylar inner sheet layering. Their tents have multiple and different sizes of entry points to serve as an entry point and escape point for heat and humidity.

Milliard Grow Tents

Milliard grow tents are well constructed using a sturdy frame metal which uses 3 heavy duty support bars. The interior of the tent is covered with mylar reflective sheet for an increased light potency and includes a removable floor also covered with mylar sheet. Grow tents from Milliard come in 4 different sizes and comes in either Split Door or D-Door.

Best Choice Products Grow Tent

Best Choice Products are designed to suit the needs of a beginner grower. They are inexpensive and not too flashy in the eyes. Despite that, it is very functional and has complete features essential for growing marijuana. They come with an easy clean up feature and they are suitable for any kind of hydroponic set up.

Different Marijuana Growing Accessories

Investing in different quality marijuana accessories ensures that your plants will receive the best care from a precise weighing scale to a quality odor control system, monitoring soil pH and temperature inside your grow room. You can find different accessories on the internet that are useful for growing marijuana. Here are some:

AcuRite 613 Indoor Humidity Monitor

This accessory combines temperature and humidity monitoring in an easy to read and large display.

Eva-dry Renewable EDV-300/E-333 Wireless Mini Dehumidifier

This mini dehumidifier effectively absorbs extra moisture from an enclosed small space, thus protecting your plants from potential growth of molds, mildew and moisture rots.

Fiskars Softgrip Micro-Tip Pruning Snip

This pruning tool is ideal for trimming, shaping and quick snipping of marijuana plants. It has received an award for its easy to use design and performance that’s suitable even for those people with arthritis and weak hand strength.

Finally, these are just some of the ‘must haves’ when you decide to grow marijuana. We understand that it is quite hard and burdensome to go to a local gardening store to look for marijuana growing supplies you need for your plants so we offer our best picks if you want to invest in something affordable without compromising the quality of the growing equipment you’ll be using. Happy growing!

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