marijuana plant leaves curling up

Cannabis Leaves Curling Up – What to do

Have you noticed cannabis leaves curling up on your gorgeous green ladies?

If so, keep reading to find out the full list of reasons for this unpleasant issue.

Nevertheless, you will also find all the best tips on treating the problem with curled up marijuana leaves.

As a rule of thumbs, remember that your quick reaction will make all the difference whether or not your cannabeauties will recover, so let’s skip the sweet talk and jump in.

Top 5 Reasons for Cannabis Leaves Curling Up

For a start, it is important to understand that curling leaves are among the most common issues, which affect marijuana growers all around the globe.

Moreover, there is a wide number of possible causes for this particular issue.

Thus, before undertaking any further action, it is good to take a closer look at what is the exact reason, making the leaves of your emerald princesses suffer and curl upwards.

1 – You Feed your Pot Plants too Much Fertilizer

Giving your green babes an excess amount of nutrients will inevitably cause a number of problems, leaves curling up included. I have noticed this is especially common-spread among newbie cannabis growers.

But hey, no need to feel bad about it, buddies! We are all learning during each marijuana growing adventure. Just remember – with fertilizers, less is more.

How to Treat the Problem?

All you have to do if you think it is the excess fertilization, causing your precious cannabeauies to suffer, is to do a simple flush.

That means stopping to add any fertilizer for about 10 days. Nevertheless, you want to use only plain, distilled water.

Don’t drown your emerald goddesses in too much water at once, though. Start small and build your way up.

Also, don’t expect to see immediate results. A full flush takes place in between 7 to 14 days on an average.

2 – You are Overwatering your Marijuana Plants

Another common reason for the curling up of cannabis leaves is overwatering.

It is very easy to slip into trying to take utmost care of your marijuana garden and thus, to use too much water.

Fortunately, this particular cause is rather easy to handle.

How to treat the Problem?

Of course, you will need to give your plants less water than what you gave so far. Do not water your green beauties for a few days.

Once you notice the soil is dry, you can start gently watering your plants but don’t give them too much watering at a time.
Simply stick your finger into the soil to check if it feels moist, dry or wet.

Don’t just check by examining the upper layer of the soil because it might appear quite dry while in reality, there might be plenty of water inside the pot.

Quick Pro Tip

Don’t forget to check if the drainage of the soil and the containers are reliable to help the excess water exit easily.

Mind that some soils have a very poor drainage, and if this is the case, you want to re-pot your green princesses.

Meanwhile, if the holes on the bottom of the container are too little in number and/or size, then you will have to poke a few more.

3 – Your Cannabis Plants are Root-Bound

Root-bound happens when the pot where your plants grow is way too little for their stage of development. That’s exactly why we need to re-pot marijuana plants a few times before we leave them in their final container.

How to treat the problem?

It is best to flush out the soil to eliminate the possibility of any of the issues we listed so far being the reason for your marijuana leaves curling up.

However, don’t wait for more than a few days after the flush before you examine the condition of the roots.

As a rule of thumbs, most marijuana plants which have already entered the flowering stage will thrive in a container which is about 5-gallons.

4 – There’s a Mineral Imbalance in your Cannabis Garden

The mineral imbalance with cannabis plants is slightly trickier to treat and notice, especially if you are not that experience as a grower.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to get discouraged. It is Nitrogen deficiency which is associated with leaves starting to wilt and curl up.

Nevertheless, in the case of lack of Nitrogen, you may notice the leaves turning yellow and falling off, as well.

How to Treat the Problem?

Your best (and most logical) move is to add more Nitrogen to your plants’ fertilization routine.

On another note, stay away from overdoing it. Too much Nitrogen can cause Nitrogen toxicity so stick to the recommended dosage and give your emerald babies the time they need to recover.

Usually, about a week or two will be enough to notice signs of improvement with the added Nitrogen to your plants’ regimen.

5 – Your Marijuana Seeds are Low-Quality

Last but not least, the quality of your seeds plays a huge part in the way a cannabis plant develops.

If you are using seeds with poor genetics, even a small mistake you make will affect the emerald babes adversely. In such case, there is little you can do than to flush out the soil and keep monitoring your plants very carefully.

You can still enjoy good crops it is just that you will need to be extra careful and diligent.

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The Bottom Line

Ultimately, when you see cannabis leaves curling up, flushing out the soil is one of the first and best steps for handling the problem.

Also, keep in mind that curled upward leaves are nothing more but a sign your plants are giving you to change something in their growing routine.

If you keep a diary about what you are feeding your plants with, as well as tracking the watering schedule of your green beauties, will make your job much, much easier.

After all, plants want to live and they will do everything possible to do so.

As long as you don’t delay in taking appropriate action, you can address the issues with curling leaves almost effortlessly. Stay calm and enjoy the process of learning, bud-buddies!

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