Marijuana-Seeds.NL Review 2020

If you are having some doubts on whether you will spend your money buying marijuana seeds from the MNSL company, then read our review so that you can come up with an educated buying decision.

Shipment Options: International Shipping
Location of the Company: United Kingdom
Payment Methods Available: Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Bank Transfers, Cash Payment

History of the Company

Marijuana Seeds NL is based in the UK and is a company that is established in 1999. The founder of this company was a passionate geneticist who is endowed with several decades of overall experience. When it comes to popularity and public recognition, most enthusiasts are fully aware of this company. They have a reputation of being legitimate, selling what they promise. This is also backed up by several reviews and testimonials coming from customers who have already tried the services offered by the company.

Take some time in reading this review in order to see the benefits that you can expect by taking advantage of the offers of this well-reputed company. See the features of the website and the company, and make a well-informed decision later on.

Seed Selections and Quality is home to a big inventory of strains. It has some of the top strains ever developed in the cannabis industry, including the Girl Scout Cookies (Feminized), White Widow (Feminized), Northern Lights (Feminized), and several others. Some of these seeds are award winners, cultivated for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, including indica and sativa.

Customer Service

The quality of customer service provided by is superb. In fact, the website has a comprehensive page highlighting FAQs where most of the common questions of buyers are answered. The company is also very easy to reach through its Contact Us page. All you need to do is to fill out a short form. The website also claims that customers will receive a response within 24 hours, though other MSNL seed review responses say that it took more than that for them to receive their answers.

Website Functionality

The website is very easy to use. Even for customers who are not tech-savvy, browsing around is easy. All you need to do is to select the category of strains available, whether regular, medical, feminized, auto-flowering, or a summary of all strains. All of these are accessible from the upper menu. There are also some interesting features including top strains, value packs, as well as wholesale.

Shipment/Delivery Options

MSNL seed bank prioritizes shipping. For this, potential buyers are given three shipping options, depending on the level of discreetness that a customer wants. These options are Standard, Stealth and Guaranteed Stealth. This means that if you want to have a more secure, more ‘stealth’, type of shipping, the more you have to pay.

Pricing and Payment Options

The prices offered by Marijuana Seeds NL are reasonable. The reason behind this level of affordability is that the company directly purchases their seeds from Dutch producers. If you want to benefit more from the savings, purchase in bulk.

They also offer sales and special offers. For example, some strains are marked down for the benefit of the customers. As an additional option, there is a rewards program where customers can receive credit in their account every time they purchase. The best part is that the points never expire. The points can be redeemed in future transactions.

When it comes to payment methods, there are several that are available. This includes credit and debit cards, which are considered as the fastest and easiest payment methods. The website also offers cash payment and bank transfers. The company offers 100% secure payment.


  • Impeccable quality of seeds and strains
  • Offers stealthy shipment and delivery
  • Passionate founders of the company
  • Pioneering genetics offered
  • Several payment options available


  • Customer reply might take time.


There are several testimonials that are available on the company website, as well as from other forums and sources. One man from the UK said that he enjoyed the great products offered, including amazing service. Because of this, he only uses MSNL as his seed provider.

Another person recommends the use of MSNL seed bank because of its stealthy shipping. Because of the quality of seeds produced, they are also very easy to grow.

Final Verdict

After reading this review, you can make a well-informed decision whether or not MSNL seed bank is a reliable option or not. If you are looking to buy high-quality seeds, Marijuana seeds NL is a good choice. With all the reviews and testimonials coming from different customers, there is a guarantee of their capabilities.

Instead of simply risking receiving questionable quality seeds from the street, why not see what your options are for Marijuana Seeds NL?

With the quality products offered, fast and safe delivery, as well as inventory which includes the most popular and sought-after seeds and strains, MSNL is no doubt a good choice to consider.

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