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Medijuana is a very important strain in the medical marijuana world. She’s among the most powerful medical marijuana strains ever created the reason why she’s gained popularity all over the world.

Flowering: 8-9 weeks
Type: Indica Dominant Mix
Climate: Indoor / Outdoor
Yield: 550 grams/m2 indoors and 575 grams/m2 outdoors
THC level: up to 25%
Height: 80-200 cm
Grow: Easy / Moderate


This amazing Indica hybrid is loved for its several medicinal qualities such as providing 100% pain relief because of its narcotic effects. Because of this, a lot of medical practitioners prescribe this to their patients.

This special strain is packed with a classic taste with spicy and sweet hints of pines and herbs. She also has some Kush aftertaste accented by earthy and sugary flavors. The smell she can generate is quite sweet and spicy with and earthy and woody overtones, including some dank and pungent scents as the buds get burned.

The effects that Medijuana can give its users can be a bit overwhelming for beginners as it is very powerful with a THC rating reaching up to 25%. It can hit you initially with a euphoric high that elevates your mood and brings you into some hazy introspection.

Inexperience tokers will surely find themselves completely couch locked from head to toe that’s why moderation should be practiced. Medijuana is best for treating chronic anxiety and stress, insomnia, depression and loss of appetite.

Growing Tips

Medijuana strain is easy to grow with a fast turnaround time. It is best recommended for all types of growers even for beginners. The flowers she can produce is covered with rich and thick resin that spreads in all corners of the buds. She also makes many branches with hard buds that’s why she’s an appropriate candidate for Screen of Green growing.

Medijuana strain can grow in any environmental conditions, both indoors and outdoors. But in order to get the most out of this strain, grow them indoors to provide a stable environment. Always monitor the humidity and temperature level to prevent the formation of molds and other fungi, as well as pest infestations.

With just 8 to 9 weeks of flowering time, she can yield up to 575 grams of potent buds per square meter outdoors and 550 grams per square meter indoors.

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