Nutrients for OG Kush Marijuana Strains

Nutrients for OG Kush Marijuana Strains

OG Kush is one of the famous hybrid strains of marijuana and as interesting as it sounds, a lot of consumers cherish this strain because of it reliable quality and the balanced high it can give. OG Kush can provide a euphoric high that can be very sedative and calming. Its smell comes with earthy and pungent aroma and its buds can blossom with great resinous crystals. Taking care of this strain means committing to giving all the requirements for them in order to have a substantial growth. The best nutrients for OG Kush Marijuana strains should always be accounted for and must never be ignored.

The OG Kush strain was known to be hidden through the mountain of Northern California. An interesting fact is that it has been growing since 1995 and it has been providing the quality benefits to any consumer since then. There has been a lot of controversies when it comes to the origin of OG Kush, including its history and identifying what is and what’s not an OG Kush.

Growing Techniques for the OG Kush Strain

The OG Kush hybrid can be very susceptible to mildews but when you know the technique of pruning, you can easily improve the airflow in its canopy. This strain can be a very good choice for growing indoors. Using SOG or SCROG is also an effective technique to increase the bud size and yields of your plant. You must always be ready to support your buds because they can sometimes be very dense and heavy. Utilizing a hydroponic setup in your indoor area can do the trick to keep their immune system stay strong and healthy. This can also prevent them from incurring any diseases.

Top Pick Nutrient Choices for Growing the OG Kush Strain

There are numerous nutrients that you can use in order to provide the substantial requirements for your OG Kush hybrid. Some of the top pick nutrients that most growers use are:

  • Big Bud
  • Sensi Bloom A&B
  • B-52
  • Overdrive
  • Bud Candy

All of these products are amenable to be used in soil. In order to get the best results as possible when using the above products, feed them every time they need to be watered. For as long as they have enough runoff that comes from the pots, everything can work perfectly. These nutrients usually don’t tend to be salted up with some of the other brands. This allows your strain to able to be fed every time they require it to.

If you choose to use an amended soil that has already a mix of food, you may want to try allowing your strain to be fed off on the soil amendments before trying to feed them with base nutrient.

A good trick to try especially for the seedlings and young clones is to start at ¼ of the ideal base nutrients. You can then gradually increase it to the full strength for about 3 to 4 weeks as they continue to increase in sizes.

A lot of OG Kush can handle the full strength but it is still important to follow the proper guidelines properly.

Growing Guidelines for the OG Kush Strain

Flowering phase

The flowering phase of OG Kush strain usually takes up to 8 weeks


This strain can produce moderate yields, but it still depends on how the breeder takes care of the plant.

Grow Difficulty

The overall growing process of OG Kush strain can be difficult especially if you are a beginner. It is important to know the basic knowledge in doing so before trying to proceed.


The OG Kush strain can take cold nighttime temperature and they prefer low humidity levels. Be sure to adjust your environment when you choose to grow this strain.

Indoor and Outdoor Methods

This hybrid strain can be grown in both indoors and outdoors. Its buds are dense enough to make it susceptible to any bud rot when the humidity is high. This makes it ideal for climates that are dry if it is grown outdoors. The OG Kush is the perfect choice for indoors especially if you apply the right techniques properly.

Feeding Requirements

The genetics of the OG Kush requires heavy feeding, especially with magnesium and calcium. You have to make sure that your strain receives enough food so that the buds can develop fully. Feed your OG Kush with a compost tea so that they can strengthen their immune health against any powdery mildew.


Giving the best nutrients for OG Kush Strains can make the full growing process of your strain be at its highest potential. Just like any other plant, nutrients are one of the basic things they need for great produce and yields. Making the ideal choices when it comes to the nutrients of your OG Kush can make a big difference in the overall health of your plant.

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