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How to Order Marijuana Seeds Safely Online

The laws and regulations involved in ordering marijuana seeds from an online source vary from one country to another, and may even vary from one state to the next if you are in the USA.

Therefore, before proceeding, it is highly recommended to check the laws in your locality. Whether ordering is allowed in your locality or not, determining the way in which you can order your seeds safely should be given high priority.This will not just ensure the delivery of the order, but will also keep you, and your personal information safe.

There are several ways in which your privacy can still be protected while ensuring the quality of the ordered products. Consider each one of them carefully in order to be assured of receiving your order safely.

However, if you don’t care about the laws because you really are in need to grow your medicine, then you can order at your own risk. Nobody got in trouble for a few seeds in the mail. They are seeds not weed. Just make sure to buy your marijuana seeds from a reputable company that ships discreetly.

Tips for Buying Cannabis Seeds Safely

Keep it a Secret

When it comes to ordering marijuana seeds, as well as getting into your actual marijuana growing project, it is highly recommended to keep your secrets to yourself. Do not tell anybody, even those who are close to you.

Remember, when relationships becomes shaky, even the closest friends can become the worst enemies. Of course, this may not really happen to you, but the point is that keeping things to yourself will not just protect your privacy, but will also protect those who are close to you.

Go with Discreet Payment Options

Most seed companies don’t have the ability to accept credit cards as banks don’t allow marijuana seed purchases.

If you find one that does, then that’s because the seed bank is using it discreetly. You won’t see anything that will mention the name of their company or what you purchased.

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Best practice is to make sure that the marijuana seed company’s payment options are discreet.

Discreet payment methods include:

1. Prepaid or debit cards without your name. You can go with your personal or business credit card for as long as you verify that the seed bank’s name or the seed items won’t show in your bank statement.

2. Money Transfers like Western Union. While this is discreet as you will be sending to a person’s name. Western Union won’t allow you to send to a company’s name which removes the chance of you getting linked to the seed bank. This is risky though as the company might run away with your money. So make sure to buy from a legit seed bank only.

3. Cash or Money Order. It is electronically untraceable. It works like Money Transfer but slower.

4. Bitcoin is by far the best as it is very discreet and you can do it with a few clicks of your computer’s mouse. However, there is no way for you to get a refund for it.

REMINDER: Talk to the seed company before buying to verify that there payment methods are discreet.

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Shipping Options

When it comes to delivery, it is often recommended to have your package sent to somebody, or somewhere that is not related, and non-traceable to you. However, this is very risky as this might lead to undelivered packages.

Most cannabis seed banks discreetly ship orders inside random stuff like wallet, CD case, cellphone case, etc so it is a good idea to read their Frequently Ask Questions or better talk to their customer service staff.

Another point to remember is that you should never have the package delivered needing a signature from you.

Postal Services – International shipment and delivery. It is good to be reminded that most international shipment facilities often take longer compared to standard delivery services. Take this detail into consideration before deciding to call and complain to the seed bank.

Keep in mind that you are ordering something that is discreetly shipped. If all possible, you may also want to break-up bigger orders, getting them from various reliable vendors. This is to ensure that even though you may lose a particular order, you still have others to receive.

Other Considerations

There are other things that you can consider as well.

For example, purchasing female seeds can actually turn out to be very efficient. It may be initially expensive, but in the long run, it can save you money and time.

At the same time, if you decide to clone your female seeds, you no longer have to order seeds frequently.

When it comes to ordering marijuana seeds, getting them from a reliable seed bank is unquestionably the best option possible. So long as you carefully consider the factors mentioned, there is an assurance that you can receive your seeds without any problems.

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