Outdoor Marijuana Growing Guide – Things that You Need to Learn about Growing Weed Outdoors

We decided to come up with this outdoor marijuana growing guide so that we can help those who are looking for some guidance in growing their weed.

There are various ways on how you can grow marijuana. You can start your marijuana garden outdoors or come up with your own garden inside your house. Growing marijuana indoors is very suitable for people who need to hide their cannabis because of having strict rules regarding the possession of marijuana.

However, if you want the easiest and affordable way of growing weeds, then the best option you have is to grow them outdoors. You can also expect your plants to reach maximum growth and produce higher yields. Listed below are some of the reasons why people should consider growing marijuana outdoors.

Reasons for Growing Marijuana Outdoors

  • Beginners who still lack the knowledge and skills in growing marijuana should start their cultivation outdoors. There is no need for you to watch over your plants the whole day. Yet you can expect that they can grow well.
  • For people who don’t have the money to spend in cultivating marijuana, placing them outdoors can help them save money. The plants can get light, nutrients, air, and almost everything they need from natural sources.
  • If you allow the plants to grow in wider space, they can easily spread out their roots and attain the utmost result. Growers can get excellent yields from their marijuana cultivation outdoors.

Being aware of the reasons why growing marijuana outdoors is rewarding. This outdoor marijuana growing guide will surely help you decide on giving it a try rather than spending money in cultivating cannabis indoors. The next thing that you will do is to prepare all the things in growing weeds outdoors.

Basic Needs of Marijuana When Growing Them Outdoors

Just like other types of plants, marijuana also has it needs for proper growth. So if you wanted to have satisfying results from your cultivation, it is important that you assure of providing your plants with the following.


Your marijuana plants will need plenty of light for them to process their foods. This is why you have to find a place where your marijuana can get an adequate amount of amount of light that is coming from the sun. This can also help them grow faster, thus reducing the time that you will have to wait before you can harvest your marijuana. It is best that you cultivate your marijuana outdoors during summer if you don’t want to experience troubles regarding the amount of light that your plants obtained.


Growers can choose from different kinds of soil available. If you think that the soil in your area is not good for the plants, then you can buy the soil from a local garden store. However, it is best that you know how each type of soil can affect the growth of your cannabis.

  • Clay soil- You can prepare a clay soil for a month by mixing it with compost, manure, or perlite. It is advisable that you add plenty of organic materials to the soil in order to improve the drainage and circulation, thus preventing your plants from drowning.
  • Sandy soil- This type of soil allows the penetration of the roots yet it doesn’t work well in holding the nutrients. The best thing that you should do is to add compost, mulch, or vermiculate to the soil to preserve water and nutrients.
  • Loam soil- If you are searching for a type of soil that can provide your marijuana plants with a good drainage and can also hold moisture, then you have to prefer using loam soil. It is dark in color, fertile, and feels powdery in your holds.


Knowing that you are cultivating your marijuana plants outdoors only mean that it will depend on rainwater. However, if you think that you plants receive an insufficient amount of water from a natural source, you will need to supply your marijuana with water. You have to remember that if the plants are big, then you will need to give them more water so you have to look after your plants if there are any sign of under-watering. There is no need for you to provide water to your plants if you can get an inch of water every week.


It is essential that you provide your marijuana plants with fertilizers if you want to help them achieve maximum yields for the harvest. This is required if your soil is not of good quality. Yet, you should know the right amount of nutrients that your plants need because too much of these can harm the young plants. It is advisable that you use fertilizers that are rich in nitrogen during the vegetative stage. On the other hand, once your plants reach their flowering stage, you will need to supply them with phosphorus.

Common Problems that You Might Encounter When Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Before you plan of growing marijuana outdoors, it is best that you have an idea about the problems that you might have to deal with. This will give you an idea if it is worth your time and efforts to grow marijuana outdoors or not. Listed below are just some of the common problems that your marijuana can possibly encounter.

  • Burst Pollen Sacks- Pollen from the male plants will start pollinating the female flowers. So in order to keep your marijuana away from this issue, it is better that you plant them at the right time or when they will start to flower in the month of August, because during the months of June and July, pollen levels will be at its peak. You have to monitor the direction of the wind and read pollen reports online.
  • Pests- Cultivating marijuana outdoors mean that they will be exposed to different kinds of pests that can affect their growth. So if you don’t want pests to cause damages to your plants, you will need to check your marijuana regularly. Snails, slugs, and caterpillars can eat your weeds so it can be helpful if you will attract birds towards your plants to keep the pests away. You can make use of bird feeders if you want to get the birds’ attention.
  • Animals- Aside from pests that can harm your plants, animals can also destroy your cultivation. You can use wire mesh in protecting your marijuana or it is best that you grow your marijuana in an area that is not inhabited by animals.
  • Frost Damage- Growers should know the fact that marijuana cannot withstand temperatures below the freezing level. Even if you consider this as a hardy plant, it will still be affected by frost. In order to prevent your marijuana from frost damage, you will need to cultivate your cannabis in the month of April. You also have to choose strains that can complete their growing cycle before the first frost approaches.
  • Mould- Cultivating marijuana outdoors mean you have no control over the humidity or the amount of rain that your plants can get from Mother Nature. For this reason, you have to keep an eye on your plants for mold growth. You can alleviate the risk of mould if you will shake the flowers after a heavy rain falls. You also need to remove moldy buds before they can infect the others.

Start Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Acquiring excellent yields from your outdoor cultivation can be possible if your marijuana plants have obtained all its essential needs. So if you want to get optimal results from your cannabis, you have to follow the procedures below. This is suitable for beginners who still lack the knowledge and skills about cultivating marijuana.

Outdoor Marijuana Growing Guide – Steps to Follow

  • Choose the right strain for outdoor cultivation.

There are different types of strains that marijuana growers can choose from. It is important that they are aware of the strains that can thrive well outdoors and the ones that can grow well indoors. This will help them achieve the results they want, thus keeping them away from disappointments. They also have to be assured that they will obtain the seeds from a reliable source for successful germination.

  • Look for a perfect place where you can cultivate the seeds.

Location can greatly affect the growth of your marijuana plants. You have to check the quality of the soil in the area, the presence of pests and animals, as well as the amount of light that your plants can receive. As much as possible, choose a location where the plants can get direct sunlight. This can help them grow faster that will save you time and effort. If you need to hide your cultivation, you have to find a place where you can easily cover up your marijuana plants. It can be a good idea if you will also cultivate other types of plants that can grow taller than your cannabis.

  • You have to germinate the seeds first before planting.

If you want to successfully grow numbers of marijuana plants, it is better that you germinate seeds twice the number that you are planning to grow. It is because there are seeds that will fail to germinate which is why you have to choose a reputable source that can offer you quality seeds . If you can have a healthy start then you can also expect healthy marijuana plants for the harvest.

  • Learn how to determine the male marijuana plants from the female.

If you are a beginner in growing marijuana, you have to search for information or get help from an experienced marijuana grower on how you can identify the sex of the marijuana plant. You have to separate the male from the female plants if you want to produce quality buds with a high amount of THC. If you will not remove the male plants, it will pollinate the females. The energy will then be used for the developing seeds that will affect the growth of the buds.

  • Know when you should harvest your marijuana plants.

Your plants should reach maximum growth before you can harvest them if you want the buds to be of good quality. It will take 3 to 5 months for the plants to mature. During the last weeks of your marijuana, it is important that you check the buds for the presence of moulds especially if you place them in humid areas. You can spot the moulds by bending the buds and looking at the inner part. If you see a grayish color, then it only means that the marijuana had been infected by moulds. If your marijuana plants have produced excellent and larger buds, then it is a sign that you can already harvest them.

Useful Tips that Can Help Growers Increase the Yields of Outdoor Marijuana

Every grower would want to have the highest amount of yields that they can possibly get from their marijuana plants. However, this is easier said and done especially if you are still new in growing marijuana. Though marijuana is just one of the common types of plants, there are various factors that can affect the yields that they can produce. So in order to be assured that you can get satisfying yields from your marijuana plants here are some useful tips that you have to consider.

  • When growing marijuana outdoors, you have to choose a place with no trees, hills, or buildings that can block the source of light. Remember that your marijuana plants will need plenty of light for them to reach utmost growth and also to produce flowers quickly.
  • Make use of the right soil for your marijuana plants. Purchasing good soil can be expensive so it would be better that you feed your plants when watering them. This can boost the potential of your soil without spending much.
  • You have to know the right timing of cultivating marijuana from seeds and from clones. Keep in mind that growing marijuana outdoors will give you no control over the environment. You cannot force the sun to shine the whole day or the rain to fall. It is best that you are aware of the changes with the temperature in your place to be assured that your plants can grow well.
  • It is recommended that you provide your marijuana with a single brand of nutrients. Observe if your plants perform well with the nutrients. If not, then you can change the brand. You also have to avoid adding too much fertilizer because it can be harmful to the plants.
  • Digging larger holes for your plants will allow them to grow bigger because the roots have enough space for them to spread out. This is the reason why growing marijuana outdoors can provide larger yields.
  • Consider training your marijuana plants to improve the yields that they can produce. You can make use of cages, trellises, low-stress training, super cropping, and other methods that you can do to top your plants that will encourage lateral growth.
  • Supply your plants with sufficient amount of water that will help them grow faster and bigger. However, you have to check that your cultivation has a good drainage otherwise your plants will get drown.

Common Mistakes that You Have to Avoid When Growing Marijuana Outdoors

If there are tips that you can do to improve the yield of your marijuana plants, there are also mistake that you have to keep away from. New growers are the ones who often encounter this situation so it is best that they familiarize themselves first with what is good and what is bad for their marijuana plants. It is quite frustrating if you see your plants get damaged and die. So if you don’t want your time to get wasted when growing marijuana, here are some of the things that you have to keep away from.

  • Providing the plant with too much fertilizer.

If you think that feeding your plants will help them grow bigger and faster, then you are wrong. Overfeeding will cause your plants to have curled and yellowish leaves. Once you notice these signs, you have to flush your plants and spray them using pure water. You have to do it for several days until the plants recover.

  • Avoid watering your plants too much. Though your plants need water in order to survive, you will only provide them with the exact amount of water. The soil should not be too wet but not also dry. You should only water the plants if the top soil looks dry. You can also identify that your plants need water if they appear limped and wilted.
  • Harvesting your marijuana plants early is just one of the common mistakes that growers make because they feel excited about getting the results from their cultivation. This will only provide you with buds that are of poor quality. If you have the patience to wait for the time that your pants have fully mature, then for sure, you will get satisfied reaping the results.
  • Getting caught with growing marijuana can be considered a serious mistake that you should avoid. You might be put in prison if the authorities found out that you have your marijuana cultivation. It is why you have to know the laws imposed in your area regarding marijuana.

What are the Best Strains for Outdoor Cultivation?

For beginners who find it difficult to find the right marijuana seeds that can grow well outdoors, asking help from the supplier or from an experienced grower can be of a great help. Take note that the kind of strains that you will grow can affect the amount of yield that you can possibly get from your cultivation. So to help you get successful crops during the harvest, here are some marijuana seeds that are perfect for outdoor growing.

  • Purple Power– It is a sativa dominant strain that produces sweet taste and strong effects. It can easily adapt to humid and cold climate.
  • Biddy Early– This strain is perfect for novice growers because it can grow well in any types of weather conditions and resistant to cold climate and molds. It can also produce buds that are coated with crystals.
  • OG Kush– It provides an earthy pine and lemon sour aroma that can be used in treating patients with ADD/ADHD and migraines and can also help in dealing with stress.
  • Critical– This is an indica dominant strain that has a short flowering period. It only means that you can harvest this plant early and enjoy its thick buds.
  • Amnesia Haze– This is a sativa hybrid that can grow well in areas with a hot climate. It provides a sweet and citrus flavor and known for its potency.
  • White Widow – This strain is an Indica dominant strain which is very versatile. Mold resistant and can be grown easily outdoors.

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