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How to Become a Cannabis Plant Doctor

One thing that makes cannabis plants resilient and strong is that they are being taken care of. You should know that growing marijuana plants isn’t as easy as placing a seed in a pot. You will encounter challenges, especially when the plants get weak, or worse, get sick. That’s why there are what we call the cannabis plant doctors who study and diagnose weak and sick cannabis plants. That being said, many would like to know how to become a cannabis plant doctor.

Cannabis plants, however, can be affected by ailments. Problems may arise when you grow cannabis plants, and if you don’t want your efforts to be gone to waste and needed some assistance with your sick cannabis plant, then perhaps you want to know what cannabis plant doctors do. In this article, you will know how to become a cannabis plant doctor and the things they do to fix challenges with your cannabis plants.

How to Become a Cannabis Plant Doctor: Things You Should Know

Like doctors for patients, cannabis plants also have plant doctors equipped with knowledge and training to become one. Generally, a cannabis plant doctor need not have any background or degree to become one. If you think you can just treat your cannabis plants on your own, then you must be equipped with knowledge as there may be possibilities that the plants may encounter biotic and abiotic diseases that will affect their potency. Hence, considering you’re a cannabis plant doctor, then you must know how to do it right.

Suppose you want to know how to become a cannabis plant doctor. In that case, you must at least know more about the nature of cannabis, especially when you are growing one. Learning the life of marijuana and the cannabis plant will also involve studying natural science around the cannabinoid system. You should at least know its response to other organisms.

Yes, it is overwhelming to know the factors to become a cannabis plant doctor. At first, you think that you need to be a licensed doctor to become authorized to diagnose marijuana. But the truth is that anyone can become a cannabis plant doctor, as long as you know how to handle such ailments that the cannabis plants are experiencing.

Cannabis Plant Doctors: What They Do?

The first thing that comes out of your mind when you think of a cannabis plant doctor is that they diagnose the problem that a cannabis plant is into. To know more about what cannabis plant doctors do, below are some of the examples: 

  • Diagnose a sick cannabis plant 

When a cannabis plant shows some deficiencies, that’s the time that cannabis plant doctors are needed. The reason why they are called plant doctors is that they attend to the cannabis plants’ ailments. They are the ones who help with any deficiency in cannabis plants to grow it successfully and healthy.

 Of course, cannabis plant doctors diagnose ailments they see when they examined the plant. Take note, this is crucial for plant doctors, as they must come up with the correct diagnosis so the cannabis plant will recover quickly. 

  • Fixing common Cannabis plant problems

Like any other plant, cannabis plants may encounter common problems in the long run. From being overfed to being watered too much; to insects, plant bugs and pests, and other problems, the attending cannabis plant doctor should know how to fix and give remedy to it. They must know what is wrong with the plant and later make ways to fix it. 

  • Must adhere to the regulation and laws

Since Marijuana Science is advancing nowadays, it is important for cannabis plant doctors to follow the rules and know their limitations regarding treating cannabis plant ailments. It’s their mission to improve ways of fixing problems, as to treating marijuana plants. That’s why cannabis plant doctors are expected to have permission from their state or location to know if treating and growing cannabis is allowed. 

Common Cannabis Plant Problems 

Since Cannabis plant doctors are expected to diagnose and take care of a sick cannabis plant, here are the common cannabis plant problems that plant doctors attend to: 

  • Nutrient Problems 

There are nutrient problems that cannabis plants are facing. Nutrient burn is one of the most common problems that cannabis plants are facing while it grows. If the cannabis plant has nutrient problems, cannabis plant doctors should immediately attend to, because the burn will slowly spread from your plants’ tip. It needs to be treated as soon as possible to avoid worsening the case. 

  • Magnesium Deficiency 

Magnesium is commonly known as the secondary nutrient needed at all the stages of growth of the cannabis plants. It greatly plays an important role in the cannabis plants to thrive. If magnesium deficiency happens, your cannabis plants would just die right away. 

However, with cannabis plant doctors’ help, you can assure that there will be a correct medication for the matter. The roots will be taken care of, as there will be no overfertilizing, and watering frequencies and temperatures would be correct. 

  • Diseases

Of course, almost all plants experience diseases and ailments in the long run. Some of the common diseases that cannabis plants experience are algae, bud molds, powdery mildew, root rot, and Fusarium. If these ailments come, then there’s no way to delay the treatment. It needs to be treated right away with the help of the cannabis plant doctors to prevent the spread of the disease. 

  • Pests

Pests like ants, aphids, caterpillars, cutworms, birds, crickets, and rats are some of the common pests that cannabis plants can encounter. If these pests come and stay in the plants, there’s a big chance that the plant will get weak or die. With cannabis plant doctors’ help, they could assist the cannabis plant to get rid of the pests. It can be prevented as long as the plants are properly maintained. 


There are plenty of ways to take care of a sick weed plant. However, it’s even better if there is a professional or an expert taking care of it. Knowing how to become a plant doctor is not easy, as you must know more about weed science. Expertise and study of plants are some of the most crucial paths to take as you deal with plants and their ailments.

So, if you think your cannabis plants get weak or might be experiencing illnesses, then expert advice from a cannabis plant doctor is needed. You can’t just diagnose it on your own, because chances are, you will come up with the wrong diagnosis. It’s even worse if the plant still looks fine, and yet you let someone consume it. A cannabis plant doctor knows it all, and they help improve and make your cannabis plants healthy. Do not hesitate to get advice and opinions from them.

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