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Seedsman Review 2021 – Are they Legit?

Finding the best marijuana seed company is a tough job that’s why we did our research to find the different seed companies that you can buy high-quality marijuana seeds from. Read our Seedsman review to find out whether this seed bank is the right company to spend your money on cannabis seeds.

Shipment Options: Worldwide Discreet Shipping
Company Location: United Kingdom
Payment Methods Offered: Cash, Credit Card, Bitcoin, SEPA/Bank, Western Union

History of the Company

Seedsman seeds is a company which has reached popularity as a seller of high-quality cannabis seeds. The company was established in 2003. Due to the quality provided by the company in terms of reliability and dependability, it came to a point when the company was dubbed as the most reliable and credible source of seeds all over the world.

During the last two decades, the company went through some changes, now offering diversity and variety with the seeds that they offer. Now, they have also expanded their product options to selling other cannabis-related choices. Let’s look into this Seedsman review and see other aspects of the company which won the hearts of several cannabis connoisseurs from different places of the globe.

Seed Selections and Quality

Unlike other seed shops online, Seedsman offers a unique approach. Rather than housing all the seeds, they sell the seeds coming from other breeders. Even though they have a limited number of strains, their primary goal is to offer a wide range of seed choices that everybody else will enjoy. In most reviews from Seedsman seeds, customers say that upon receiving and checking the seeds that are delivered, the seeds are unblemished and high quality.

Customer Service

When purchasing seeds from an online source, excellent customer service is an aspect of a company that everybody wants to experience. Some seed shops promise nothing but the best customer service. In the end, however, their customers feel disappointed. Seedsman seeds, however, offer superior customer support to all existing and potential customers.

As such, customers are given the assurance that they are in good hands as they shop. For any order related issues, the customer support team can be reached through phone or email. A response will be received within 48 hours. This length of time is realistic compared to other dispensaries that promise 24-hour response, only to fail their customers by responding after that.

Website Functionality

The navigation and design of the website may not strike as something that is important to you. However, it would definitely be better if you can have access to a website that gives you want you to want with extreme ease. A review states that the website is straightforward and fairly simple.

What most customers like about the website is that there are no annoying ads covering the page, as these ads often lead customers astray. At the same time, you can also select from different categories on seeds, such as regular, feminized, medical, auto-flowering, as well as high in THC seeds.

All of these categories make it easier to find the specific seed that you are searching for, without having to browse aimlessly. If you are already aware of the specific strain that you want, this is very helpful. On the other hand, if you are not yet familiar with the selections, you can also use the search option to save a lot of time searching for what you are looking for.

Shipment and Delivery Options

Seedsman Seeds offer international shipping. If you purchase from outside Europe, the expected length of time for the delivery is between 5 and 25 working days. On the other hand, if you are ordering from within the UK, you can receive your seeds faster, with a 1 to 3 days turnaround time.

When it comes to packaging, Seedsman Seeds ensure stealth shipment. For this, the experts remove the seeds ordered from the original package, taking extra steps to package them in a way that they are concealed from potential detection. The moment you receive your seeds, you will be assured that you are also safe.

Pricing and Payment Options

Seedsman Seeds offer a good pricing and payment system. They have options such as bank transfer, Visa credit/debit, as well as cryptocurrencies including bitcoin. They also accept cash payments in the following currency: EUR, GBP, and USD.

There are several promotional offers and discounts offered by the company that you can take advantage of. They are average compared to other websites, but you can be assured of good savings if you purchase more. This total discount that you can expect to receive depends on the amount of money that you also spend on your order. The discounts generally exclude shipping and VAT, so you may have to spend more before availing of these offers.


  • Excellent customer service
  • Seeds are ordered directly from breeders
  • Availability of different options
  • Stealth shipment and delivery


  • Can be more expensive compared to others

Feedback from Customers

Talking about a recent delivery, one man said that he received his package in good condition. He also applauded the customer service he received. For all of these reasons, why mentioned that Seedsman seeds are definitely his first choice when it comes to seeds.

A new customer felt a little nervous when he was ordering first, but was really impressed that his order arrived seven days after he placed them. The stealth packaging was also great, making him consider another round of order.

Final Verdict

This review highlights the different facets of Seedsman seeds as a company. Overall, there are a lot of things to like about this company. The availability of selections, the ease of website navigation, as well as their offers, including a loyalty program makes it a good choice for cannabis lovers. Even though the shipping time can still be done better, the company can still be considered as one of the best out there.

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