smoking weed with parents

Smoking Weed with Parents: How Cool is that?

Are you into smoking marijuana? How do you smoke marijuana? Where do you smoke marijuana? Have you experienced smoking weed with parents? How cool is that? These are a few of the interesting questions. You may know some exciting and best ways of smoking marijuana and maybe some good places for the smoking session.

However, how does it feel like smoking marijuana together with your parents? In this article, you will be able to explore more about that. You will know the pros and cons of it. Let us now start exploring it. 

Smoking Weed with Parents: Pros and Cons

Smoking marijuana might be your thing as well as your parents’ thing. You might have similarities, especially when it talks about the hobby of smoking weed. Let us now learn about the possibility of smoking cannabis with them. Will it work for you and your parents or will it not?

The members of your family might be weed users or not. However, have you wondered about the effects of smoking cannabis with your parents? There might be some advantages and disadvantages to it. Let us start discussing more it. 

What are the advantages?

Have you wondered about the good things that smoking weed may bring you and your parents? Let us know the possible good things that might happen to you. If you want to try to smoke weed with your parents or maybe you are a parent who wants to try smoking marijuana with your adult child, it may sound strange to you. It might make you think that you are not a good influence. 

However, smoking weed with parents can be a bonding moment between the adult child and the parents. It can also be a way of communicating well with each other. Another good thing about it is that you will be able to share good old memories and stories from the past. You will be able to get knowledge with each other regarding smoking weed as well as some good tips in smoking it. 

Through smoking weed with parents, your relationship with your parents will improve and will get better. Aside from that, it promotes maturity to the younger one and promotes youngness to the older people in the smoking session. The child will feel trusted as well as free; on the other hand, the parents will feel being accepted by the child. 

If you are a parent, there might be a chance that your child will experience the feeling of doubt and may ask you some questions about it. However, it can also be good and make them more open to you. They will not feel the need of hiding it from you whenever they want to smoke marijuana. 

All you have to do if you are a parent and you use marijuana, you have to make sure that your adult children should be comfortable about sharing things with you or you will make sure you have a good relationship with your children. 

If you want to know if these advantages happen when smoking marijuana with your parents, you can try doing this for a few minutes with your parents. You have to see the result of it. 

What are the disadvantages?

Are you interested in knowing more about the disadvantages of it? You might afraid of experiencing bad or worst situations when you do weed together with your parents. Not all people will experience this feeling, but the common thing that some people may feel is the feeling of awkwardness. Having a fun smoking time with parents might not apply to all, especially for those children who have strict parents as well as more conservative parents. 

It might also make the adult child feel discomfort for the reason that you might have rules to follow as well as some expectations, especially when you are with your family. You might feel unnatural as well as odd. 

If there is something that you do not want to share with your parents, then this might not be a good idea for you. Remember that if you smoke weed, it will make you more talkative and will make you feel comfortable talking about anything. 

Some parents are facing issues just within them. This is not applicable as well for those parents who do not want to share something with their children or not ready to reveal some things with their child. 

The worst thing that might happen is getting intense high and some disastrous cases might happen. If this will happen during a smoke with your parents, then this might be the last time you will ever smoke with them. 

Therefore, if you want to try to have a smoking session with your parents, you must be open to them and you should not have anything to hide with. You must make sure that you are comfortable enough with your parents. 

You have to know that smoking marijuana together with your parents can be the best experience or can come up with a bad situation, including the previous issues you might have that you should not repeat. 


There are many things that you have to consider before experiencing this scenario. You have to know the possible things that might happen. Those things are mentioned above and they might be helpful information for you. 

Make sure that you are comfortable with your parents before doing a smoking session with them. If there is a chance for you in smoking weed with parents, then you can take that chance as it might be so much fun and a great experience. 

If you feel like your parents are somewhat treating you like their friends, then you will be able to have a good time and an amazing smoking experience with them. You have to remember that smoking marijuana with them is more about accepting whatever situation you are in. 

This article talks about the advantages and disadvantages of smoking weed with your parents. You must be familiar with the possible things that might happen if you smoke weed with them.

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