stages of growing weed indoors

Stages of Growing Weed Indoors

Growing marijuana indoors may be easy but this can never be the basis of ignoring the necessary things that are needed for the overall health and survival of your seedlings. The stages of growing weed indoors should always be accounted for and none of these steps must be ignored. The genetics of your strains is worth your money and time, so putting your effort into their overall growing process is a very good start.

When you are able to perform a great job in the overall stages of your cannabis, producing very potent flowers is always possible. Producing flowers with good quality is a vital step in the next process of growing, harvesting, drying, and curing the strains to produce buds. Producing good yield will contribute to the overall experience of the smokers when they use it either for medical or recreational purposes.

The Cannabis Plant

Cannabis comes with various names like pot, weed, bud, marijuana, ganja, and more. Whatever name they may be called, they still refer to the same plant that is used for whatever purposes they desire. Cannabis plant can be grown in different environments. Some even grow naturally anywhere around the world.

A cannabis plant is known to be a fast-growing herb. Sativas can usually grow to about 15 feet in length while Indicas can fall short on that with only up to 3 feet in height. Marijuana plants are dioecious, meaning they can come from different genders of male or female. Each of these sex can produce different types of flowers. The female works by producing the flowers which are used for medicine and recreation while the male ones produce the small and pollen-yielding flower which does not contain THC.

It is important to know these basics when it comes to deciding to produce your own yields of weeds. If you are able to know the basic knowledge of the cannabis plant, deciding to have your own supply of the strain can be your next step.

How to Begin Growing Cannabis

Weeds can be grown easily and anywhere, that is why it is called a “weed”. With that, a great aspect of growing this plant in a pot is an interesting thing to understand. Marijuana is a flowering plant which means that it’s already in their nature to bear fruits. This occurs once a year only, during the season of fall when the daylight time is usually shorter.

This is an important thing to take note of for any indoor grower because the photoperiod or the light period of your strain should be controlled properly. Meaning, when you grow your weed in a pot plant, you have to place it in a 12-hour light period every day so that it can keep on flowering.

If you want to keep your cannabis in vegetation healthily, you have to grow a young seedling for about four to six weeks before the flowering phase is induced. During this phase, expect your plant to have a minimum of 16 hours of the light period, but making it to 18-20 hours can also be good. When you grow indoors, it is recommended to place it near a window that has good sunlight. You will be required to use lighting such as lamps to ensure that they will receive the proper artificial light.

Stages of Growing Weeds Indoors


Germination is the process when your seed sprout. This happens when there is a small white tendril that shows out of your seed. To germinate a seed, you need to consider the following:


You have to keep your seeds moist but not soaked for too long. The ideal amount of time when soaking is up to 24-32 hours.


You have to let your seeds be left alone when you are waiting for its taproot to pop out.


You need to keep things warm up so that you can have the maximum germination rated. Be sure not to make it too hot.


There are a lot of steps that you have to consider during the vegetative phase of your cannabis plant. Knowing the right things to do like the techniques in feeding your plant is very important if you want to get the best yields as possible.

Flowering Stage

A cannabis plant will usually develop the structures of their flowers within the first few weeks of this stage. Expect to still have a lot of growth for your plant during the beginning of this phase. You have to be aware of the right way in feeding your plant so that the whole stage will never be compromised.

Harvest and Curing

Harvesting marijuana is like harvesting any other fruits such as grapes. The more you wait, the more the plant is potent, thus producing more cannabinoids. This means producing a much stronger product. Knowing the right time of harvest is one of the trickiest parts for most of the marijuana growers. When you harvest early, the potency and the effects of your strain will be reduced, while when you harvest at a much later time, the narcotic effect of your strain can become too strong.

These are the stages of growing weed indoors, and just like any other phases, everything that was mentioned is very important in the life of your cannabis plant. Incorporating the right techniques in each stage must be taken properly to get the best yields you desire. Besides, taking good care of a cannabis plant should always be the top priority for any breeders and growers.

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