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10 Best Stoner Games to Try With Your Pothead Friends

When you are a habitual or somewhat regular cannabis consumer, you have certainly had your equal contribution to great times. Toking marijuana alone is good, however, it is permanently great if you do it with pothead buddies. For example, you will binge-watching your favorite movie or play some stoner games when you are already high.

The thing regarding marijuana is that the other strains assist you to become highly inventive. In conclusion, when you have a group of friends that get stoned, why not collaborate and produce some pleasurable and innovational cannabis games? With that, let us check 10 of the best stoner games that you can try with your pothead friends.

The 10 Best Stoner Games

Before we start, given here are some of the justification rules to assure you do not be wholly intoxicated because of drugs. Rest assured that they are pleasurable, however, isn’t it greater to utter the development and can enjoy several games?

  • Maintain with parched plant – cannabis games and extreme vigor concentrates are not a great mixture. Have only a hit from your bong and do not be insane.
  • Utilize average strength cannabis – maneuver well with marijuana that has a THC level of more than 20%. It is the same as the situation in drinking games wherein you consume beer rather than vodka.
  • No additional blows – Abstain from the advice to get intoxicated by drugs, particularly marijuana between the games. Rescue yourself for the activity or else you will faint in the middle of the game.
  • Choose the games accordingly – There are varieties of games to choose from, which all of them have great reasons. When your group has some novices, choose games where you just need to cuff every 10 minutes.
  • Do not combine alcohol and weed – If you do not want to feel ill in the end and faint on the sofa, never mix alcohol and weed.

1. Bong Pong

Who uttered that you cannot remake a typical game? This cannabis game is the same as beer pong; however, the prize is bud rather than a glass of beer. Players are standing across from each other; two participants should spring back a Ping-Pong ball to a cup of water. When they are victorious, they need to inflame a bong with enthusiasm. As an extra gratuity, triumphant shots may either be prized or maybe the penalty for the defeated participant. Either method, the two groups are going to be tripping away from the table.

2. Medusa

Most of us know if not all that in Greek mythology, staring at Medusa would change someone to stone. In this contrast, staring at another participant will make you stoned – somewhat the same, right? With a marijuana cigarette in hand, all participants begin the activity with their heads facing on the floor, glancing at their feet. Someone will do the counting and after doing so, all of the participants should look up and gaze in amazement at another participant. When the player that you are gazing at is gazing at another one, you are safe. When they are gazing straight at you, you are Medusa. With that, the two of you need to light your marijuana cigarette and have a toke. The activity will stop if all of the participants have a lit marijuana cigarette or all players are too stoned to carry on the game.

3. Strip Choker

What type of house party will be absolute if unaccompanied by some lenient nudity? To assist what is sometimes a ceremony marking a vital phase in someone’s life, especially for several young adults, strip choker is done just about precisely as it sounds. As a courteous party-giver, it might be advantageous to know that all the guests or players are okay with the possibility of stripping down a piece of clothing.

This cannabis game has an assurance to check the ability of your lungs. It necessitates all players to have something to take out; as such it might not be the perfect notion for big groups. To do this game, gather everyone and sit roundly. The proposition of this game is easy; all players in the group take a cuff at the same time and grasp it as long as they can. The first player to blow out or cough needs to take off a piece of clothing. Have an assurance that nobody tricks by ending like dressing a lot of clothes.

4. Never Have I Ever

To play this game, gather all friends together and have an assurance that there is sufficient weed to pass around. Roll some joints, fill up a few bongs, or prepare some blunts and get ready. Choose a player to start the game. That player constructs an easy sentence or declaration beginning with “Never have I ever…” which is continued by some activities.

For instance, a player may say, “Never have I ever cheated in an exam.” Anybody who has done or encountered that activity must have a toke. The second player in the game says a statement and the game carries on beginning there.

5. Marijuana Jenga

This game needs some preparation and planning in advance. However, you can create a game from that as well. In this game, you will require to have a permanent pen and Jenga blocks. First, get a great deal of high then put regulations on some or the entire blocks. You may not include the get a great deal of high, however, you must put regulations. For example, you can write, “have two hits” or “do not talk until the game ends” will prosper well. Be innovative in deciding what rules to write.

If you are done with the rules, arrange the Jenga tower and do the game normally. If a participant pulls out a block, he/ she needs to follow what is written there. If the tower subsides, the player that is responsible for it needs to assemble it while everybody is taking a hit on his or her joints. That is fundamental, but you can have your regulations to make the activity more enjoyable.

6. Jammin’

This type of stoner game is easy in its notion but needs that all players must have their cannabis. To do this game, play the song “Jammin’” by Bob Marley, the king of marijuana, and have a puff every time you hear the word “jammin’” or “jam.” There are several times in the song wherein the backup singers also utter the word “jammin’” or “jam,” with that, you may adjudicate in advance if you wish to include those words. Please bear in mind that the “jammin’” from backup singers are quick and raging. Whichever of two provided choices, this game is a pleasurable stoner game, which ensures to intoxicate you in a very short period.

7. The Power Hour

Technically speaking, power hour is not merely a game, but it is a good technique to be earnestly high and have fun. To do this kind of stoner game, you need to have the collection of your most favored songs and a bundle of cannabis so there will be sufficient supply to pass around. As an alternative, you may download Power Hour songs or just play the available songs on the Internet. Power Hour songs are one to two-hour songs in unsystematic augmentation. You may as well have it using your choice of songs by indiscriminately and manually alter the song.

However, for that to prosper, the one who changes the song needs to pay attention – something, which might get more difficult as the time carries on. If the song changes, everybody needs to have a puff from the available cannabis. Dancing and partying are highly persuasive.

8. Wheel of Weed

Though this is a remarkable game, it needs an equal level of planning and you will not play this game during the time that you are stoned. In all likelihood, there is an electronic edition that is obtainable by now, but if not, you can just make your homemade wheel that has plenty of parts like:

  • Truth – Joke
  • Pass the weed – Toke
  • Strip – 420
  • Dare – Spin the wheel again

For geometry, it is likely good to have eight parts. Spin the wheel alternately and have an assurance you carry out the needed action if the wheel asks you to do so. Before this game, you can either select how many rounds to play the game or do it up until there is no weed available or everybody is reclining overwhelmed on the floor.

9. Straight Faced Stoner

The name of this stoner game already explains it. Do not smirk or you will be in difficulty. Though it is somehow a simple game in the beginning, as seasoned stoners understand, it turns nearly unbearable when you begin to be stoned. Beforehand, concur a punishment for those who will smile. Begin taking in the same manner and when the group is comparatively intoxicated, cry out “Straight Faced Stoner” to start the game. Every time somebody smirks, he/ she needs to do the concurred punishment.

10. Names First and Last

This stoner game will test your mastery skill. Before starting this game, everyone must choose a category first. For instance, your group will have the name of a band name. To begin, the first participant needs to give the name of a band. Then, the next participant needs to say a band name whose title begins with the last letter of the first name. For instance, when the first participant utter “Queen,” the second participant must say “Nazareth,” the third player must answer “Hoobastank,” and so on. When the participant cannot utter a band name, he/ she needs to have a toke. The category of the game will depend on your group. You can have countries, celebrities, etc.

The End Notion

Cannabis is permanently greater if consumed in groups as you can make up with every way of amazing stoner games. You can attempt to play some of the given games above and you will know what this post implies. However, it is good to bear in mind the essence of being realistic. You should not select the most difficult games when your group has a lot of novice stoners. Why is that so? They will not just have any possibility, but it is as well somehow that they will faint or become ill when they do it again. If you play these stoner games utilizing a bit of sensibleness, everybody will have a great moment and can enthusiastically play them again the soonest feasible.

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