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What to Do With the Stretchy Seedlings of Your Weed

Stretchy seedlings could be a sign of light insufficiency in your weed plants. It is one of the most common issues that your seedlings can encounter, and as soon as possible, you need to address it to save them. If the seedling develops long, they put energy to obtain more light and cause their stem to get longer. Plants use this survival mechanism, and they grow taller to get more exposure to the sunlight. But, the longer your weed seedling gets, the thinner they become and very fragile. They tend to die earlier than expected when left unresolved.

What Is The Reason Why Cannabis Seedlings Get Stretchy?

This issue is prevalent, especially if you are a first time in farming and growing plants. There are much information and tips on the internet that support first-time growers. Some suggest that you keep the seeds in a dark place after germinating or planting them immediately to show roots. It is wrong to keep the seedlings in the dark because you are starving them with light, and it stimulates them to become stretchy. Your seedlings need lights, and many growers compensate for the light that the seedlings need making it long and stretchy.

Why Stretchy Seedlings Is An Issue?

You need to know that weed plants can develop flexible stems even when grown outside and inside. People can easily miss the concept that even stretchy plants look large, they yield less than short stem plants. If you decide to grow long stem weed or any plant, you need to invest more because they need more energy to provide nutrients to their developing buds. Suppose you will indoors, they will likely yield less because it is challenging to put up proper lighting for the weed seedlings. Stretchy seedlings can also be very fragile, and the risk of falling over is higher. This issue is severe but does not worry because there are several ways to prevent it.

How Can You Repair Stretchy Seedlings?

It would be best if you repaired it quickly to avoid any damage and dead plants. If you ignore the growth of your seedlings’ stems, it can die as early as it can because it does not get enough light.

The first thing that you can do is help your seedlings stand straight. Use a wooden stake or skewer to support them, and you can also replant them to deeper soil where you will leave 3 centimeters of the stem.

Then, you want to solve your lighting issue. The best way to make your cannabis seedlings grow healthy is to get a 40W lamp and place 7 centimeters above the seedlings. Always pay attention to your seedlings to ensure they do not stay very close to the light to avoid heat or light stress.

After you set up your lights correctly, expect your seedlings to have bushier and thicker foliage. Then, in a few weeks, you will see some full-lingered leaves and change to a more powerful light since they will need more energy to grow healthier.

Things to Keep In Mind to Reduce Stretchy Seedlings

Circulation of Air

Your plants and seedlings need quality air circulation to allow the leaves and stem to develop more robust and vigorous. Powerful air circulation will reduce its height when growing and produces leaf movements that help strengthen the stems. The wind can bend the stem, thus creating little rips on its tissues. It can also help to brush the leaves to aggravate the air circulation effects.


One of the essential things you need to have is proper lighting. It dramatically affects the height of your plant’s stems. The red and orange lights support thin, taller stems, and blue light helps the stems stay thick and short. Infrared lights are also great to control your seedlings’ length but only use this for emergencies, especially when you have no lights available. When you cover the heat lamp reflector, it makes the infrared light have the best results. Also, it picks up the red light, so it is best to use this light only for the flowering stage. The distance of the lights can also affect its length. Make sure that it gets enough light, so they grow short but perfectly healthy.

Stem Growth and Heat

The temperature has a significant impact on the growth of the stem. If the temperature is higher, your stems will grow long too. It is best to use 60 Degrees Fahrenheit for your temperature to grow less, and stems widen. Do not increase the temperature to avoid flexible stems.

When the seedlings get closer to the heat and light, it will develop thin. If you think that this can burn the seedling, not it can’t. It is best to purchase air-cooled lamps to keep the seedlings growing from being stretchy and tall. The key is always proper lighting. Besides, you can prune your plant to stop it from stretching.


You may want to give between each plant to prevent it from stretching. As they grow, the leaves can always touch other plants, and when this is left alone, it causes the plant to have discolorations. When they are correctly spaced, it gives every plant to have the exact amount of light.

Decreasing Stress

Plants also experience stress, and it also affects their growth. Stress can include the light spectrums, humidity, and change of temperatures. Like humans, keep your seedlings happy and healthy by giving the best environment for them. Blue lights can help them reduce stress and proper air circulation.

The Takeaway

If your weed plants start to stretch, you need to identify the problem as soon as possible. You can spot the issue early and keep the flowers boom well. Using blue lights is best, and having quality lights ensures the growth of stems and lessens the risks of injury, diseases, and pests. While many factors can affect your seedlings’ growth, knowing the signs will help you fix it immediately. Give some love and attention to your plants because various factors can affect their stretching, and you want to stop it right away.

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