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Comprehensive Guide to Super Cropping Your Cannabis

Do you find it more exciting on how to grow cannabis? Maybe, you are thinking about how to keep your plants healthy as well as how to possibly increase the yields. There are proper ways for you to do that. Through this article, you will be able to know some of the good ways that make your plants get great results. 

You will be able to know more about super cropping your marijuana. You will learn more about the guide on how to do it when you should do it, what you should prepare, and more importantly, the reason why you should do it. Let us now begin knowing more about cropping the weed. 

Super Cropping: Guide and Information

Most marijuana cultivators look for solutions and ways in improving their crops. Super cropping would be a great way if you want to improve the production of your plant, including the improvement of the production of resin as well as its potency. 

It is a good training method that would result in greater yields. However, it must be done correctly because it can cause harm to your plants if the procedure you did is wrong. There would be a possibility of affecting the yields and your plants might be exposed to some diseases. Therefore, you must know the proper way of doing it. 

Why should you super crop your marijuana?

The super crop is considered as a training method that is high-stress. The steps in doing it would be involving bending as well as pinching some of your plant’s branches for the inner fibers to be damaged while the outer line leaves intact.

It is good training for your plants because it is beneficial for them in terms of the growth as well as the development of the bud. Another thing, it could also be your way of controlling your plant’s growth. After you’ve done the cropping, your plant’s branches will become flimsy as well as weak. It would give you a chance of controlling your plant’s growth as well as the direction of its growth. When your plants recovered, it will make hard knots and thick in the points that you’ve cropped. The knots would be helpful during the phase of flowering since they will serve as the support of your plant’s buds’ weight as well as the whole plant structure. 

What to prepare?

You have to prepare a few things when you want to super crop your marijuana plants. Aside from your patience, you will also need your fingers in doing it. There are some other tools you should prepare. Here are the lists below:

  • Ties – you can prepare zip or string ties. It can be used in tying down your plant’s branches and putting them in the proper place. 
  • Duct tape- you have to make sure to prepare this as you will need it in the process.
  • Dowels or the stakes for gardening

When should you super crop?

You can consider super crop your marijuana plants during your plant’s late vegetative phase once. You can do it three to seven days before flipping them to the flowering phase. By this, you will be able to give your plants the time of recovering from cropping and the stress it brought before your plants can start to focus on the energy when it comes to developing the buds. 

If your plants are facing some infestation problems, negative stress, as well as a lack of nutrients, you must not super crop your marijuana plants. It is a technique that can be very stressful for your plants and that is why your plants should be very healthy in coping with the stress.

Ways and Steps to super crop your marijuana plants

Take note that you must have enough knowledge of cropping before you do this technique. There are some ways and steps that would help you in learning and knowing how to super crop weed. 

  • You must know the branches that you will crop. Mature branches are the recommended branches to crop, however, make sure that they are not woody or they are not super old. If you notice taller branches, you can consider cropping them because it’ll make them lower in creating more canopies.
  • The cropping method starts when you crop the branch of its bottom part. You must squeeze the branch carefully with the use of your fore, index, and thumb fingers while you bend it slowly in your preferred direction. You should do this step gently.
  • You should be working way up to your plant’s branch and leave a few cm in the middle of each of the crops. Cropping in the above two to three nodes is not recommended. 
  • If you had cropped your plant’s branch and directed it to the place you like your plants to be directed with, you can tie the branch down with the use of the zip tie or string. 

You have to know that when you super crop, you must find the part of the branch wherein it is malleable as well as soft within while stays intact outside. 

Fixing the branches that are broken

If you broke your plant’s branch when you do this method, you would be able to fix it. You can use the tape in taping the snap and you will be able to create a bandage. You can also use the stake for gardening in supporting your plant’s branch. The tape can be removed for about a week. 


Super cropping can be very useful and helpful for your plants as long as you will be able to follow the guide above and the proper way of doing it. It can give good results to your plants’ size as well as your plant’s yields. However, it can also be very dangerous for your crops if you do it wrong. 

You must have much knowledge about cropping for you to get good results if you do this training on your marijuana plants. The guide above would be very helpful for you in learning and gaining more knowledge about cropping. There’s one thing that you should do when you want to super crop your plants, you have to gain knowledge and experiences to be more skillful in doing it.

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