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Popular around the world as well-loved marijuana, Super Skunk is known for producing a distinctive high among all cannabis strains. It is an improved version of the original Skunk strain and has gained several awards for being certainly one of a kind Indica dominant strain.

Flowering: 7 to 9 weeks
Type: Indica Dominant mix
 Indoor / Outdoor
Yield: 500 – 700 grams/m2
THC level:
 10 to 25%
 50-80 cm


Super Skunk produces a deep, relaxing body buzz and fills your mind with pleasant thoughts. Its Indica effects can take you on a full blast and tends to hit you with a couch locking effect with a clear minded high. In general, you get a very dense, relaxed feeling while your mind is given a unique awareness of what’s happening within your surroundings.

Of course, similar to its effects, Super Skunk is also loved for its strong, skunky flavor and aroma. Its smell alone is enough for every Skunk fanatics to wear on a smile throughout the day.

Medicinally, its Indica effects make a beneficial strain for patients with insomnia, pain and muscle cramps. Because of the munchies that she’s popular of, it also makes a good treatment for patients with eating disorders or suffering loss of appetite.

Growing Tips

Again, the Super Skunk strain produces a distinct skunk aroma which certainly envelopes your entire grow room. Although this is certainly a hint of the what to expect from your plants, but because of this, nosy neighbors can easily detect what’s exactly inside your grow room.

When planting Super Skunk, ensure that you’ve installed an effective odor control system to mask or contain the smell of your grow. This is particularly needed when cultivating this strain indoors. Super Skunk’s Indica characteristics would mean that this strain won’t grow tall heights so it’s perfect for indoor growing and for growers with small spaces.

With just around 7 to 9 weeks flowering period, it can yield large amounts of buds. In fact, you can expect a yield between 500 to 700 grams per square meter of potent marijuana buds. Because this strain produces large and dense buds, its branches literally grows stout to provide enough support and carry the weight of its buds.

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