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Top Sativa Strains Every Stoner Must Try

In general, Indica, Sativa, and Ruderalis are the three kinds of marijuana that you can use. The latter, Ruderalis, is oftentimes used when being compared to Indica and Sativa. Within the general aspect, connoisseurs switch their style from time to time, whether it can be Indica to Sativa or Sativa to Indica, or perhaps stay consistent until the end.

The endearing highlight that Sativa gives is its energizing feeling that will color your moods. The “highness” of Sativa offers sociability, enhancement of creative thinking, and promotes activity. As many people started to love it, a list of top Sativa strains every stoner must try will be yours through simply reading or browsing this paper.

Top Sativa Strains

Reclining unto the line of various therapeutic claims, Sativa is not always a great choice as this marijuana serves more for recreational purposes. The extent of Sativa bringing you medicinal claims is far from how Indica strains can give. So, it’s best to rely more on Indica for medicinal purposes although Sativa also cures chronic pain, depression, and anxiety.

With regards to THC content, Sativa strains offer you the skyrocketing level that will punch you just in a single try of it. Then how can it be when you have it more and more? Covering some places all over the world, Thailand, Mexico, Cambodia, and Brazil are the main countries that prepossess Sativa strains. As then, here are the top Sativa strains you can try.

Amnesia Haze

  • Amnesia Haze marijuana strain garnered an award in the year 2004 and 2012, named itself as the “Top Sativa Strain” in High Times Cup.
  • The combination of lemon topped with mango undertone is the taste that you will savor within its flavor and terpene contents.
  • Amnesia Haze kicks you high that even longtime cannabis users feel anxious when they increased too much dose of this strain.
  • A simple usage of this will automatically uplift your spirit and helps you do more things as your energy is at a peak.


  • If you are fond of the merging beautiful undertone of chocolate and coffee, then this strain is the best choice for you. The name “Chocolope” hints you that it has a real chocolate undertone in its flavor and aroma.
  • A mixture of total bliss and strong euphoria that powers up creativity and analytical thinking is one of the core competencies this strain kicks you in.
  • The amazing skill of Chocolope is that this can be grown for about 8 to 9 weeks, which is far different from the normal range of flowering time from the different sorts of Sativa strain. 

Durban Poison

  • The pureness in its purest form is the special input of Durban Poison. As then, the contents out from this strain are out from all Sativa landraces.
  • Long before the smoke willfully sits within your lungs, you can already have the ammonia-like and sweet scent in the first bite, automatically sending you on a blissful ride.
  • If your vantage point is crafting or painting, then incline on this strong strain as it will deliberately deliver it to you with no excess of time and extending your dosage. 

Green Crack 

  • Your hidden outgoing skills will be tapped by this Green Crack strain as this keeps you cheerful, creative, talkative, friendly, and productive.
  • Any sense of senseless emotions will desert you as this alleviates mood and clears your head from too much overthinking that can ruin you for good.
  • Nineteen (19) is the percentage of THC content in which you can savor up from this high.

Jack Herer

  • A spicy and piney undertone partnered with black pepper aroma is the attractive terpene profile you can have from the Jack Herer marijuana strain.
  • To start your day in the best scenario up till the evening, you must take in Jack Herer as it prepares you to be fully armored to face the day with too much enthusiasm. 
  • The genetic lineage of Jack Herer brought together the top or named strains which are Haze, Northern Lights #5, and Shiva Skunk. As a result, the new strain is a combination of potency and potency. 

Jamaican Dream

  • A range within 17 to 21 is the percentage of THC content the Jamaican Dream marijuana strain can give. Alongside it is the almost undertone that goes well with the euphoric high that can elevate mood.
  • Depression and chronic fatigue are the top two things the Jamaican Dream can present you with its medicinal benefits of it.
  • Throughout for some time, the Jamaican Dream is infamous for seasoned cannabis users due to its underlying effects. 

Panama Haze

  • With no worries to not spend the day doing some task is the theme of Panama Haze as this can kick you lethargic in the whole day, making you jumpy and adventurous. 
  • A hint of incense together with spice and lemon are the major flavors that you can savor. The matching mellow and soft cerebral buzz will lead you to good spirits as well.
  • Panama Haze marijuana strain resulted from breeding F10 Panama Elite, Green Haze, and Purple Haze that then covers 18% to 23% of THC levels. 

Strawberry Cough

  • Per its name, Strawberry Cough is a strain that tastes and reeks of genuine strawberries.
  • You will be highly seduced by the content level of its THC as it plays around 25 to 26 percent. Be that as it may, you will be eventually kicked in just a simple puff.
  • Seasoned consumers can’t resist their body to cough as this one is so strong. 
  • This strain, Strawberry Cough, garnered sorts of awards from Cannabis Cups due to its great overall content. 


  • An aged school marijuana strain is the Tangie that was from crossing Skunk hybrid to California Orange or it could be the Skunk hybrid to Tangerine Dream.
  • A strong hit of euphoric haze will cover your senses yet you won’t be fully subdued to total sleepiness.
  • Tangie marijuana strain has been termed as the marijuana strain that helps you love death or you somehow love death due to its heavy notion of hitting you so well. 

Utopia Haze

  • Back in the year 2008, Utopia Haze won one of the categories in High Times Cannabis Cup.
  • The fresh feeling will coat your body and senses as this has the mint undertone. Twenty-two (22) percent is the THC level of the Utopia Haze marijuana strain. 
  • A smooth feeling that takes you up floating in the clouds along with super cerebral buzzes will visit you the whole day once you’ve taken this marijuana strain. 


A marijuana strain that leans more on the Sativa side offers you the general concept of high THC level. It also tops in bringing you strong cerebral buzzes and your feeling of sadness will be washed away in a snap. The list of top Sativa strains in this paper has the all-purpose premise that you will be enveloped in pleasing feelings that can take away troubled sentiments. 

As a seasoned consumer of stoner you are, the top Sativa strains in this paper will match well with your pacing. Along with the line of correct utilization and dosage is the number one role on how to let it lit your cannabis world and would not dim the way.

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