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Weed and Mango Juice: Can You Mix Them?

The incredible thing about this fascinating logical reality is that eating mangoes is another extraordinary route for our human boy to acquire extra measures of nourishments and nutrients and this assists any individual that abstains from eating food that has a high content in trans fats or cholesterol. Another mesmerizing factual thing is how weed imposes various effects that will leave you in new spaces of feelings.

As then, what more of it can give when you combine weed and mango juice? Would that also still let you open the new dimensions of feelings and helps you acquire the nourishments and nutrients? Initially, can we mix the weed and mango juice?

Weed and Mango Juice

As per a Swiss study dating back to the year 1997, it concludes under examining various cannabis strains that there is a famous type of terpene profile that keeps on showing up. Consequently, sixteen (16) of the tested cannabis strains have this terpene profile which is known as “myrcene”.

  • Myrcene is the most conspicuous terpene profile that you can found on different sorts of cannabis plants.
  • The fruit mango likewise contains an extensive measure of myrcene terpenes.
  • Whereas, the myrcene terpenes from the mango hits its underlying contents by giving you an entourage impact just within the same receptors the myrcene terpenes from the cannabis plant hits you.

Also, the high feeling you can get from the cannabis plant is highly from its THC content in which one of the compounds that sit well with the THC content is the myrcene. As a result, the myrcene is the primary profile that engages you to feel high, relaxed, and away from pain.

Mixing Weed and Mango Juice: The Not-Entire Mixing Way

Now, to the part of can we mix weed and mango juice, the response on it is that weed and mango juice can be mixed but not in the sense of entirely mixing it as your body may only do the process.

  • The process of totally mixing weed and mango juice through using some blender or weed as the water base is not the whole way of an idea to mix them. The way of mixing weed and mango juice goes through to part of drinking mango juice before smoking your weed.
  • In another line, you can eat a raw mango with a prior time of twenty (20) to forty (40) minutes before finally lighting your weed.

Effects of Mixing Weed and Mango Juice

Recently it appears to be that both the marijuana community and science community have been on the same ground. Thus, this is some kind of extraordinary news to patients who uses cannabis for leisure and therapeutic claims.

  • Whenever you eat mango or drink mango juice before consuming your cannabis, the myrcene terpenes from the mango will now sit on the same spot where the myrcene from the cannabis hits well. Henceforth, this will result in giving you an expansion of the high and medicinal feeling.
  • Mangoes have the substance that stretches and reinforces the euphoric sentiments you can feel after vaping or smoking your cannabis.
  • Your body’s way of reacting to THC content may stay longer and the intoxicating feeling will tend to be more extreme.
  • Throughout the words of some various cannabis users, it has been concluded that combining weed and mango juice offers deep, calm, and smooth sensations.

Benefits of Mixing Weed and Mango Juice

Mangoes are useful for far beyond getting you high than just consuming your cannabis. As then, here are some of the benefits you can have upon mixing weed and mango juice.

  • Notwithstanding the various wonderful flavors you can have from the mangoes, this will additionally help in improving digestion, perk up hair and skin conditions, elevates bone density, lowers the occurrence of asthma flare-ups, and helps you stabilize sugar levels.
  • The feeling that long due subsides within your system will be healed due to mixing weed and mango juice as the mango intensifies the soothing sensation from the THC of your cannabis.

Mixing Weed and Mango: Lowering Cancerous Tumor

Hoisting your cannabis high feeling and helping you to keep off within the grounds of gaining weight is not by any means the only favorable circumstances mangoes can offer. As then, mangoes may drag you out from the unsafe measures of a cancerous tumor.

A study conducted in Texas by the A&M concluded that mango extracts offer a positive effect on any sort of cancer cells. Therefore, mixing weed that also lowers cancerous tumors will be given additional help (double help) as the contents from mango lowers it as well.


There are numerous approaches to improve the impact of your cannabis and this can be in the form of switching to a strain that has high THC content, going on some tolerance break, or when you reside on the infamous way of mixing weed and mango juice. In reality, the latter applies well and proven to be true.

The substance “myrcene” that both can be found in weed and mango juice deliberately increases any form of effects your weed offers you due to the elevating numbers of myrcene within your system. Mixing weed and mango juice do not only isolate the way of keeping your high longer and stronger as this can also help you fight cancer cells and even cures physical pains.

Lastly, if you are a person who uses cannabis both for leisure and medicinal benefits, then you must rely on mixing weed and mango juice as you can get a higher result than your past high feeling and the medicinal aspects will be elevated as well.

A simple piece of advice if you’re going to eat mango or drink mango juice before smoking your weed: if you have a low metabolism then it’s best if you eat or drink mango an hour before smoking your weed, but if you have a fast metabolism then it’s best if you eat or drink mango twenty (20) or forty (40) minutes before smoking your weed.

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