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Weed Infused Alcohol Preparation Guide

Cannabis tinctures are also called weed-infused alcohol and it is the primary form of medicinal marijuana ever since the United States prohibits it. It is an excellent method for medicinal and recreational use, especially if you want a smokeless version. If you have limited space in your kitchen, this is perfect since it is also an excellent DIY project. You can use any alcohol strainer, jar, and weed to prepare your weed-infused alcohol.

Glycerin VS Alcohol Tincture

When you prepare marijuana-infused alcohol, using a food-grade, the high-proof alcohol is what you will need most. However, if you do not use alcohol, one of the best alternatives you can use is glycerin. You also need to know that glycerin is not as effective as alcohol when binding the weed compound. Also, it will result in a weaker tincture.

However, some try to improvise when making glycerin tincture. First, you will use alcohol, let it evaporates, and add glycerin after. You will get a glycerin-body tincture but with the power of alcohol. It would help if you remembered that there are harmful effects when you try to evaporate alcohol using any heat, and even experts do not recommend this method.

Choosing the Correct Alcohol Type

All you have to do is look for high-grade alcohol that can be consumed safely. Cannabis resin can dissolve when you use higher content of alcohol. Be sure that you do not use any isopropyl alcohol since it is used to clean, disinfect, and not safe when swallowed.

Steps in Making a Weed Infused-Alcohol

This ratio is what people mostly used, using one 750ml alcohol for every ounce of weed flower. The effect is mild but perfect for microdosing. But, if you want a more powerful tincture, you can adjust it to whatever you like.

Step 1 – First, you need to decarboxylate your weed flower to unlock its full potential.

Step 2 – Carefully combine your cannabis flower in any jar with the high-grade alcohol that you chose.

Step 3 – Close the jar’s lid tightly and let it stay for one to two weeks while shaking it once a day.

Step 4 – After two weeks, strain your mixture using a coffee filter. But, if you do not want to wait for a few weeks, you can shorten the process to every 3 minutes, strain, and then store.

How Much Weed Infused-Alcohol You Need to Consume

It would help if you had a consistent measurement when making your cannabis alcohol mixture. If you make two different doses, always write down how much you used, so the next time you make it, you know which dose is for you. Marijuana-infused alcohol can last for many years, and you can make more than one batch. You can combine your mixture with all types of food and drinks such as ice creams, juices, soups, sherbets, gravy, mashed potatoes, gelatin, salad dressing, and more.

Critical Benefits of Weed Infused-Alcohol

This mixture is perfect, especially when you are a first-time user of weed. Here are some of its key benefits:

Easier to Dose

Cannabis-infused alcohol or tinctures is the best way to find a dosage that you like. Use an eyedropper whenever you measure to dose. It is easier for you to add and lessen the dose.

Faster Setoff of Effects

When alcohol and cannabis are combined, you will quickly feel its effects. Unlike other cannabis forms like edibles, it might take some time before the effects kicked. Marijuana-infused alcohol will help you understand cannabis easier and adjust what dose you are comfortable taking.

Pot Infused-Alcohol are Discrete

This method allows you not to smell the cannabis odor. You can conceal it in your mason jar and mix it with food or drinks that you liked.

FAQs about Cannabis Infused-Alcohol

How to Consume Them?

You can take a few drops and place them under your tongue. If you take this way, your blood can quickly absorb the THC properties. Still, you can also use it in your meals and drink, and it will be absorbed by your liver slowly.

Does It Burn The Tongue?

Some can feel a burning sensation while the mixture is under their tongue. The reason behind this is because of the high-grade alcohol that you use to make the tincture. However, if you keep feeling the burning sensation, just incorporate it into your food and drinks.

How Long Does It Take Effect?

If you will sublingually use it or put it under your tongue, it can kick in for 15-45 minutes and as high as 90 minutes. If you drink or eat the mixture, the effect can kick in slower than the sublingual method.

Final Thoughts

Weed infused alcohol is from cannabis extract products. It is one of the best methods if you will start to use marijuana for recreational and medicinal use. If you do not want to smoke it, this method is perfect. Also, they are easier to measure for dosage. Use a dropper to measure different dosages and test what you prefer. Remember that the sublingual method use of tincture is the fastest way that the effects can kick in.

On the other hand, if you like to drink or put it in your food, the effects are slower and can take up to two hours. Always try low dosages first and be patient not to get uncomfortably high and feel side effects. They are great for storage because it can take years until they become harmful. You can make different batches and use them whenever you want to. Mixing alcohol and weed is very common, but you need to remember that it can have harmful effects. Do not consume them in very high dosage as it can affect your motor skills, can cause nausea, vomiting, and dizziness.

Also, remember that your state must be licensed to use marijuana or weed products. There are laws in every state, and some states prohibit the use of cannabis even in medicinal use. If you will take this, remember all precautions, take it little by little, and see how your body will react with the mixture.

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