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How to Set Up Your Own Weed Tent

Cannabis cultivation is now part of the “green revolution” which is a phenomenon globally. The legalization of the use of cannabis in many places has also paved the way for cannabis enthusiasts to cultivate and breed cannabis in their homes.

Thanks to cannabis experts, weed can be cultivated indoors and outdoors. You can grow weed in an outside garden, a pot, a space inside a house, a weed tent, and greenhouses among others. Weed can be grown using different methods by using different mediums as well.

Nowadays, many growers are growing cannabis indoors because it is discreet, secured and it is a controlled environment. You can grow it in a spare room with good ventilation, a secured area in the house where it is away from kids or pets and you can also purchase a weed tent that is easy to set up and it serves as a good and secure place to grow your pot plants.

What is a weed tent?

A weed tent is a compact, portable and lightweight grow space that allows a grower to use a small space for cannabis to grow. It looks like a regular tent but it is designed to also cater not just to the plants but the growing equipment as well.

It is important to select the right type of grow tent for your plants. Grow tents come in different kinds and sizes. The number of plants that you want to grow will determine the size of your tent and also the space inside the house should be considered.

What are the important factors to consider in choosing a weed tent?

  • The number of plants. This will determine the size of the grow tent that you need. Grow tents come in different sizes and heights. This is important because cannabis grows in different heights and sizes as well. It is important to have the right size as it will affect the growth of your plants. You don’t want them to grow in crowded space or too near their grow light as well. It is important that plants will grow in a comfortable area with a great flow of air and being exposed to the right amount of light.
  • Materials. Make sure that the weed tent is made of durable and hardy materials so that it will last long as well as can protect your plants. Make sure that it is tear-resistant and seals are made of high-quality material as well as the zippers and joints.
  • Features. This is a very important consideration if you are to buy a weed tent. It should include features that will help you grow the plants well. A good tent should have features that will allow you to view your plants and will give you good access to them during an inspection. Make sure that features will be able to cater to grow lights and exhaust if needed for good air ventilation.

How to set up a weed tent?

Setting up a weed tent is not complicated or difficult at all for as long as you follow the guide the comes with it.

  • The first thing that you need to do is to gather all the setup tools and equipment that comes with it. Check the manual that comes with the package and double-checks if all the tools needed are with you. Most grow tent manuals have a list of the tools needed so you can check if there is a missing piece. You can also prepare the equipment that you need like lighting tools, carbon filter equipment, ventilation, scissors, and the tent itself.
  • Assemble the tent as per instruction by using the tools that came with the package. Make sure that it is sturdy and durable. Check that everything should be in place including zippers and seals. Also, make sure that the zippers are working.
  • If you have successfully set up a tent, it is time to set up the grow lamp. Note that these are very important as they grow light will be the source of light of the plants along their growth period. Start by assembling the holders of your light and hang it properly inside your grow tents. This is why a very important that your grow tent can hold your grow lights well. If it is adjustable, the better.
  • Next, you can set up ventilation. Grow tents have features where you can install fans or carbon filters. Set up ventilation and fan for good air circulation.
  • Place equipment such as humidity and temperature gauge.
  • After setting up your tent, do not forget to scan it just to double-check if everything is in place.
  • Carefully place your plants inside the tent. Place them and make sure there’s enough space between plants.

What are the advantages of using a grow tent?

Most indoor cannabis growers prefer growing their pots using weed tents. Here are several reasons why:

  • It is easy to use. Grow tents are easy to set up and you can place in the corner of your house where you want to grow your weed. They are also lightweight and portable so it is easy to set them up again if you need to transfer it to a different location.
  • It is easier to control the environment. Grow tents are designed to give growers the best control over the growing environment. You can control the light exposure of your plants as well as humidity and air circulation.
  • It is secured and discreet. Grow tents will allow you to grow cannabis inside your house giving you the best growing environment for your plants. You can grow inside your house without minding your neighbors and you can also control the odor.

Weed tents are becoming a trend in indoor cannabis cultivation. Growers are finding it easy and practical to grow pots indoor using tents. Aside from the fact that it is portable, handy, and easy to use, it gives growers great access to control the growing environment. So if you are thinking to bring your indoor pot growing to the next level, we suggest that you try using a weed tent. Happy planting!

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