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What are Weed Worms and How Are They Removed?

Many cannabis connoisseurs have become very fascinated with cannabis cultivation. Either indoors or outdoors, you can grow cannabis and it seems to be a fun experience. Just like growing other plants, cannabis can be very attractive to pests and insects.

Among these pests that can harm your plants are weed worms. These worms may look small and not harmful but beware, they can destroy your plants.

What are weed worms?

Weed worms are crawling creatures with elongated bodies that can be found on the stems and leaves of your plants. They feed on the leaves and stems of the cannabis plant. If these creatures are left alone on your plants, they will feast on it and damage your cannabis plants.

Not all worms are harmful to your cannabis plants as their soil worms that help carry nutrients in which your plants can feed on it. But in many cases, worms that are attracted to cannabis plants are the harmful ones that will feed on the important parts of the plants and cause damage.

What are examples of weed worms?

If you have been growing cannabis for quite some time, you may have encountered some of these nasty little creatures. Here are common worms that can be harmful to your plants:

Caterpillars. Looking at caterpillars, you may think that they post no danger to your plants at all as they seem to be harmless. If you may think they are just passing through before they transform themselves into a beautiful butterfly, then you are wrong. Caterpillars can post harm to your cannabis plants. These green wiggly and crawling beings feed on your plant’s leaves thus it can damage your plant. If you see small bites or holes on the leaves of your plants, those are proof that these creatures had a feast on your plant.
Bud worms. The life cycle of these worms starts when their eggs are laid usually underneath the leaves or the buds of your plants. It will develop into an adult after a few days. Most of the time they look tan or brown in appearance. They burrow into the buds of the plants and feed on them. Bud worms damage the buds of the cannabis plant thus poses a great danger. As they grow larger, they continue to devour the buds thus ruining the plant’s flower. When they go down to leave the plant, they anything that comes on their path thus causing more damage.
Cutworms. Cutworms can have the worst effects on your plants especially cannabis seedlings. They are so nasty that they can destroy a seedling overnight. They are species of moth that are round and about two inches in size. They have soft bodies and they are brown or gray in appearance. Some specie has stripped or spotted body covering and they curl up to a c when you touch them. Cutworms feed on the leaves of the cannabis plants especially the young ones that is why they are a threat to your plants.

How to remove weed worms from your plants?

The best way to save your plants from weed worms is by having a regular check and see if any of these creatures are already infesting your garden. Usually, the best way to remove them is simply by removing them using your hands and just simply get rid of them.

But there are cases that these worms have laid their eggs on a certain part of the plant thus it becomes mature in a couple of days and will again feed on your plant. Thus it can be tiring to get rid of them one by one so it is better to get rid of them for good.

Caterpillar. Caterpillars are easy to remove manually because they are big enough for you to pick up. They are not that many so they can be manageable. You can also place natural predators nearby that can help you get rid of caterpillars. An example of natural predators for caterpillars is ladybirds so you can keep them nearby so they can help you in getting rid of caterpillars. Another way to effectively get rid of them is by spraying your plants with Bacillus thuringiensis, which is an anti-caterpillar remedy. This spray is not harmful to your plants but will cause damage to caterpillar once they ingest it.
Budworms. Spraying your plant with insecticides can help get rid of budworms. Make sure that the insecticide that you are using though is not strong enough that can also cause damage to your plants. Some products can help you get rid of budworms. These products contain a bacteria called “spinosad” that will attack the budworm.
Cutworm. Cutworms usually attack young cannabis plants at night. So it is best to check on them at nighttime. Planting growing plants like sunflowers can help you get rid of them as well as having predators like frogs because they eat cutworms. You can also buy insecticide that can kill cutworms.

How to prevent weed worms from infesting your plants?

Prevention can be tricky because you can’t control mother nature. The best way to prevent these worms from infesting your garden is by keeping a healthy and sanitized growing environment. Have a regular check for any signs of these worms. You can use organic or non-organic insecticides to keep them away. Make sure that these insecticides should not cause any harm to your plants.

If you see any symptoms of infestations like withered leaves, holes in your plant leaves, or markings of bites, and if you see any of these worms, get rid of them as soon as possible and check on other plants right away.


Growing cannabis can be a fun and fulfilling experience so do not let these weed worms cause any damage to your crops. Humans are not just the only ones who are attracted to cannabis and these worms are showing too many interests in your plants as well. Avoid weed worms by keeping your garden healthy and check your plants regularly to check if any worms are trying to feed on your precious plant. Don’t let them have a bite, they will destroy your plants.

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