what can you spray on weed to make it stronger

What Can You Spray on Weed to Make it Stronger?

Do you have a goal to make your marijuana stronger? Don’t you have any idea as to what can you spray on weed to make it stronger? Well, then this is a suitable article for you. As you go along and read this article, you will be able to discover and know things about protecting your weed and keeping them strong. 

As a marijuana enthusiast, you may want to know more things about it. You may be thinking of knowing and understanding more about weed. There might be some questions on your mind about marijuana. 

Well, in this article, you will be able to find a solution on how to make your cannabis stronger. You will be able to have ideas about the things you should do, especially if you are aiming to have stronger cannabis. You will also learn about the things that you should not do and what to prepare. Now, let us get to know the things you need to do to make your weed stronger. 

Information and Details: What Can You Spray on Weed to Make it Stronger?

Are you looking for a solution and a way in strengthening your weed? Do you want to make do it carefully and safely? You might be wondering and asking yourself a question as to what can you spray on weed to make it stronger. Your plants need enough nutrients to grow it stronger. In addressing the lack of nutrients for your plants, you may consider the foliar spray. The foliar spray gives an effective and fast effect. 

If your plants will experience insecticides or fungicides problem, then there is a big possibility that your weed will become weak. However, there is a solution for that. You can try spraying your weed with the foliar spray. The nutrients will be quickly absorbed if you do foliar feeding. 

Aside from the stated above, the nutrients that were absorbed through foliar spray will result in giving off the carbohydrate in the root part of the plant. Another advantage of foliar spray is that it will somehow prevent possible nutrient problems that are mostly in the soil.   

How to spray?

What is the safest way of spraying your weed? What should you prepare for doing it? Will there be the right time for spraying? Well, it would be better that you know the perfect time of doing the foliar spray. It would be best to be early morning or even late evening. Avoid spraying your plants if there’s a direct light because it might affect the nutrients and some active substances. Therefore, you should consider the time as well as the temperatures of where your plants are, before spraying your weed. 

You need to make sure of spraying the whole plant, especially the leaves’ underside part. Make sure to do it with its recommended dosage. It’s better to try the spray before applying it to your crops. You should take note that if you spray the buds of the marijuana plants, there will be a bad result. 

In spraying, you need to look into the safety as well. Prepare with you some safety tools that you can use. You have to always follow the guidelines so that you can do the foliar spraying safe. Apart from that, the product that you will use in spraying should also be safe for your weed and it should be safe to be consumed with. 

What are sprayers to use?

For foliar sprays, you can consider using two kinds of sprayers. You must choose the sprayer that would be suitable for what you are aiming for your weed. Here are the lists of the two sprayers:

  1. Simple hand-sprayer – You can easily use this sprayer. The solution measurement that can be put in this sprayer is about 500ml up to 1liter. If your plants are just a few and can be managed easily, then this is the perfect sprayer for you. It would also be better to use this sprayer if you don’t want to spray the buds. 
  2. Garden Pump sprayer – You can put this one on your shoulder as it has a strap for it. Carrying them would be easy because of the strap. It also has a spray wand and it will be so easy for you to spray all of the sides of your plants. 

You can have both of the sprayers so you’ll have an option on what to use depending on your need. There will be times that you will need to smaller spray for spraying particular parts of the weed. You might also need the pump sprayer, especially if you have a big cannabis garden. All you have to do is to be fully equipped with safety tools in spraying your crops so that you won’t harm yourself. You should also look into your plant’s safety when doing foliar spray for your plants. 

Foliar spraying would be a great help to your weed plant. It would be helpful for your weed to prevent some problems, especially problems with the pests. It can also help treat your plants and provide your weed some nutrients that they need. Therefore, with the use of this foliar spray, your weed plants will become healthier and stronger. 


You may feel like you know everything about weed from how to cultivate it and how to consume it properly. However, as you go on with your researches about marijuana, you might realize that you haven’t known much about it. 

The question, “what can you spray on weed to make it stronger” might pop out in your mind. You can consider doing the foliar spray in providing some nutrients for your plants, especially if you are aiming to have healthy plants as well as stronger plants. 

Through this article, you were able to know how to get rid of some problems you might encounter when you grow cannabis plants and you will have ideas on the solutions if ever the problems will occur in your cannabis. With this, you need to understand the importance of foliar spraying. You should always take note of the do’s and don’ts when spraying your weed.

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