what do marijuana seeds look like

What Do Marijuana Seeds Look Like

Wondering what do marijuana seeds look like, bud-buddies?

If so, then you are on the right track!

Top-notch cannabis seeds are easy to spot provided you are familiar with the right guidelines on picking only the best ones, among those of low-quality.

Keep reading to find out how to distinguish healthy marijuana seeds and you will be a giant leap ahead in your cannabis growing journey.

What do Marijuana Seeds Look Like Revealing Top Expert Tips

I can’t really emphasize enough why it is of utmost importance to choose only high-quality cannabis seeds.

But to put it simply, I’d only sum up the benefits of opting for high-grade weed seeds.

Healthy Seeds = Healthy Plants

The stronger the genetics of your marijuana plants, the easier the growing process, the lesser the problems, the better the yields.

And strong plants will sprout out of strong seeds. Who do you think carries those healthy, sturdy genetics?

It is the seed, of course!

This is where everything starts from when you are cultivating cannabis for the benefits of this ancient herb.

Quality Seeds = Quality Crops

Not only the health of the plants is of importance and intricately related to the condition of the seed.

The quality of the crops is also monstrously affected by the genes, encoded in the seed.

That means a Blue Cheese strain, coming from an excellent seed will taste like exquisite berries and fresh Italian cheeses, while the one coming from a poor-grade seed may end up smelling like rotten Gorgonzola.

Okay but how to spot the cannabis seeds which are worth your attention and investment?

Above all, as long as you stick to picking marijuana seeds from a reputable retailer, you stand the best chance for enjoying sufficient yields.

So far, I’ve been lucky enough to come across some decent-quality seeds left behind while starting to grind a few buds.

However, there is really no room for comparison between the final rewards I got from seeds, ordered online and those which I simply found “by coincidence.”

It’s not that hard to figure out why professional seed banks come up with the best quality seeds; that’s all those companies do for a living!

Also, there is a tremendous difference between growing cannabis plants for the purpose of selling the buds vs. selling the seeds.

The companies, working for the seeds’ sake will focus all their efforts and knowledge into growing the most awesome seeds ever; while the companies, aiming to sell the buds will – well, focus on growing the most amazing buds!

Yeah, this road I invited you to share stars becoming more twisted than straightforward lol.J

But I had to give this super personal advice because I know hell well what it’s like to grow 100 grams instead of 40 grams, and I’ve learned my lessons the hard way.

Although I think it is actually the curious way. But hey, what need to gain knowledge to keep it to yourself? I don’t think being selfish is on my menu.

So what about the marijuana seeds, right? What do they look like?

#1 – Marijuana seeds are small; typically the size of a match’s head equals the average(+/) size of a cannabis seed. The shape is rounded (well, let’s say “fairly”, not strictly rounded).

#2 – Weed seeds can slightly range in hue but the color of mature seeds (those we want!) is brownish. A pale coloring means the seed is immature, hence not ready to give off the best of itself.

#3 – Most marijuana seeds will have those typical “marble” stripes. I’ve always found these extra cute. A beautiful marble striping can also indicate a good-quality seed.

4 – Healthy seeds have a slight shimmer to their surface. That’s because their surface is smooth; no roughness.

#5 – When soaked in warm (but only slightly warm!) water overnight, healthy seeds will sink to the bottom of the glass. There might be only very few exceptions to that rule. Although not the ultimate indicator of the seeds future, this simple test can at least help you spare your efforts of planting the weakest seeds.

The Bottom Line

Now, that we are at the final lines of this article, I truly hope to have raised your awareness of how crucial is your choice of seeds.

So instead of simply wondering what to marijuana seeds look like, don’t forget that these tiny babies are capable of giving birth to numerous juicy cannabis buds.

When you think of it that way, doesn’t it trigger that sense of a miracle happening in your mind?

Wish you happy marijuana growing!

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