what do you need to grow weed

What Do You Need to Grow Weed – Things to Prepare Before Growing

Growing marijuana for the first time can be overwhelming at first but it is one of the most interesting activities you will undertake. Those who have found it unrewarding or somewhat frustrating most likely have that reason due to lack equipment or preparation during the experience. If you are a new grower, we might ask you: What do you need to grow weed? Below is the list of all the things you need to start growing cannabis.


When growing weed, the first thing you have to determine is whether you are growing hydroponically or using soil for the growing medium. Newer growers are recommended to start growing weed in the soil at first. This step would allow them to experience growing marijuana without risking a huge amount of money for hydroponics set-up.

Marijuana roots grow deep into the soil as the plant searches for enough water and nutrients. This is the reason why indoor marijuana plants require water and supplemental nutrients from the grower to compensate for the lack of growing space indoors.

The main consideration when growing on soil is to ensure that the root systems stay in a warm temperature—around 68 oF. You will also have to check for the correct level of soil pH, nutrients, moisture and oxygenation throughout the soil.


Just like a growing medium or a secure location for planting cannabis, marijuana grow lights are an important investment when growing marijuana plants otherwise you are growing outdoors where you can use sunlight. There are several choices available in the market, all of which come with different varieties and prices.

Different Types of Marijuana Grow Lights

  • LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes)– are energy efficient and cool to the touch. They come with a full spectrum of colors but only cover a small space, so you may require a few of them when growing marijuana plants. LED are sometimes used as supplemental lighting because they are energy efficient, low maintenance and have a significantly long lifespan which lasts up to 10 years. When used along with HID lights, LED can help produce large and high quality buds.
  • HIDs (High Intensity Discharge Lights)– are the most popular among commercial growers because they help produce large and dense buds. However, bulbs can get very hot inside the grow room, that’s why you must have an efficient ventilation and temperature control system when using HIDs. Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium Lights are examples of HID lights.
  • Fluorescent Grow Lights (tube lights and CFLs)– makes a great option for growers worrying about power consumption and temperature control inside their grow room. These are energy efficient and come in warm, cool or full spectrum of colors. Take note that fluorescent lights lack intensity, causing buds to become smaller and fluffy. Most growers who use this kind of lighting keep their plants close to the lights to make up for the poor light penetration.

Ventilation and Temperature Control System

Depending on the kind of indoor lights and electrical equipment you are using, temperatures inside your grow room can become relatively high. Having proper air ventilation system is an important parameter to successfully grow cannabis plants indoors.

Proper ventilation allows marijuana plants to perform gas exchange, as well as evacuate the heat produced by indoor grow lights. It promotes a better control of the climate inside grow rooms, thus resulting to healthier marijuana plants.

A good ventilation system is composed of these elements: air extractor, intractor fan and an interior fan that circulates air inside the growing space.

  • Air Extractor– is an important element in any ventilation system as it regulates and renews the air inside the grow room.
  • Air Intractor is not necessary in small growing spaces but is always recommended as it allows fresh air outside to enter the grow room.
  • Interior fan- acts as the wind which help marijuana plants develop strong branches to support the weight of its flowers at the end of the flowering cycle. It also promotes better air circulation and air renewal inside the grow room.

High Quality Marijuana Seeds

When growing weed, it is always recommended to start with high quality cannabis seeds. There are lots of online marijuana dispensaries where you can order your seeds and have them delivered right in front of your door. They offer a wide variety of options for cannabis strains at a cheaper price than local marijuana dispensaries. You can start with regular, feminized, or auto-flowering marijuana seeds of different award-winning strains like White Widow, Amnesia Haze, GSC, and many others.

For a beginner grower, it is best to start with an Indica strain as it is short and generally predictable. Indica strains yield huge buds, which can be a delight for any new growers. All in all, whichever your personal preference is, growing different strains of marijuana is always a good choice.

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