What is Ruderalis Marijuana Strain

What is Ruderalis Marijuana Strain

Just some years ago, it was very rare to hear somebody talk about anything, regarding what is Ruderalis marijuana strains.

But up-to-date, more and more cannabis aficionados are getting interested in decoding and understanding cannabis ruderalis plants.

That’s mostly thanks to the increasingly popular autoflowering weed strains.

Cannabis Ruderalis is a key “ingredient” in the genetic profile of autoflowering seeds.

In fact, it is exactly because of the presence of Cannabis Ruderalis genetical inheritance which makes any seeds auto-flowering!

Let’s dive into exploring the roots of ruderalis weed strains.

I bet you will be just as amazed as I was after getting to know this one-of-a-kind cannabis variety better!

#1 –What is Ruderalis Strains – Explained Simply!

The very term ruderal refers to plants of any species, which somehow manage to survive and live despite the unfavorable environment.

When talking about the unfavorable environment, that doesn’t only mean pollution or harsh climate. It refers to threats and bad, caused by people, too.

For example, deforestation, which happens because of us and by us – people – creates various ruderal species, meaning plants that achieve in adopting even though they were supposed to die, too.

The case with Cannabis Ruderalis is simply the existence of marijuana species which flourish and complete their life cycle with no regards to the unfavorable climate where they grow.

Cannabis Ruderalis can be found in some parts of both Eastern and Central Europe, as well as particular regions in Asia, and nonetheless – Russia.

Perhaps the Russian trait in the origin of Cannabis Ruderalis is the greatest one of all.

That’s because the Russian botanists were the first to name the hemp species, native to their lands, applying the term “ruderalis.”

#2 – What Makes Cannabis Ruderalis Unique?

Cannabis Ruderalis differ way much from their notorious brothers – Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica.

We know that both Indica and Sativa strains show non-identical growing patterns.

For example, Sativa varieties tend to grow in height much more than Indica varieties.

Indica marijuana strains are predominantly more bushy and compact for cannabis growers who can’t grow gigantic plants due to lack of space.

Moreover, the effect of consuming Indica and Sativa strains is in completely dissimilar dimensions.

Although, interestingly, some Sativa varieties can induce an effect, similar to that of an Indica.

But that’s exactly why the world of cannabis is so intriguing and full of amazing surprises!

Cannabis Ruderalis is unique because it has this one-of-a-kind genetic inheritance, which makes it almost non-psychoactive.

However, hemp is also almost non-psychoactive.

So here comes the major characteristics that set apart Cannabis Ruderalis from the rest: the short flowering cycle and short to no need for a specific photoperiod.

The photoperiod is the time your marijuana plants are happily bathing in light. Or in other words – the light periods when you (or the Sun if you are an outdoor grower) supply your green beauties with the much-needed light.

And while both Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica require a strict and consistent light schedule, Cannabis ruderalis is a humble and strong creature able and determined to thrive despite the unregulated and limited access to light.

Isn’t this simply amazing?

Cannabis Ruderalis varieties have found a way to overcome their own genes.

Thus, they have adapted to an environment, which is depriving them of proper amounts of one of the most (if not the most) crucial factors for marijuana growing –Light.

#3 – How Cannabis Ruderalis Genetics Change the World

My desire to dig deeper into the roots of Cannabis Ruderalis started tingling in my mind while I was considering to order my first autoflowering seeds.

Honestly, I was thinking there must be something totally, utterly, completely and somehow freakishly wrong with autoflowering cannabis plants!

My thoughts were bothered with twisted and perplexed images of some crazy scientists inventing some GMO weed or something.

After all, the very sound of the term autoflowering marijuana might seem controversial to the average cannabis connoisseur at first.

However, it is exactly thanks to the genetics of the amazing Cannabis ruderalis strains that sculpted a whole new dimension of marijuana cultivation.

Autoflowering seeds grow faster than any other cannabis varieties, meaning you can reach the harvesting point within half the time than a typical Cannabis Sativa needs, for example.

And nonetheless, autoflowering marijuana plants can flourish even when it comes to growers, located at geographic regions, where the summer is short or/and the night temperatures tend to fall lower than the usual.

Furthermore, the short and bushy appearance of autoflowering varieties makes up for growing very compact plants, which are astonishingly space-saving.

Thus, growers who are concerned about the privacy and proper set up of their growing rooms can have a fresh gulp of peace of thought with taking care of an autoflowering green beauty.

The Bottom Line

It is beautiful to be a part of the modern world when science and technologies are developing faster than ever before.

And while the speedy pace of life can sometimes be exhausting, it is sure wonderful to keep learning about the new discoveries that happen each day.

The fact that you have been asking yourself about what is ruderalis strains is an indicator of healthy curiosity and an urge for knowledge, which helps to increase your awareness about the magic of the surrounding environment.

Stay true to yourself and enjoy your marijuana-growing adventure with a positive attitude because the best is always yet to come!

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