What Size of Pot to Use for Autoflower Cannabis

What Size of Pot to Use for Autoflower Cannabis

If you are wondering what size pot for autoflower cannabis strains will work best in order to maximize yields, then you are at the right place to learn everything you need to know.

As a rule of thumbs, you want to remember that autoflowering marijuana plants tend to grow much smaller, compared to the dimension of both Indica, Sativa, and hybrid varieties.

That’s all thanks to the sturdy genetics of Cannabis ruderalis, which are the basics of creating autoflowering strains in the first place.

Cannabis ruderalis is a marijuana variety which manages to grow despite the unfavorable conditions.

Moreover, this particular type of cannabis is known as a notorious early finisher, getting ready to be harvested within as little as 8 weeks.

Bearing these important characteristics of autoflowering marijuana plants in mind, it’s high time that we delve into the ultimate guideline on utilizing the most suitable containers for your autoflower green beauties.

#1 – What Size Pot for Autoflower Cannabis Works Best during the Different Stages of Growing?

First of all, both regular and autoflowering cannabis plants will require to be transferred from one suitable sized container to another as they continue developing.

That’s because you want to ensure the perfect conditions for the root system of your green beauties to thrive and become strong and healthy.

If you place your green babies directly into the final container where they will live until it’s time for harvesting, you risk exposing your precious cannabeauties to root lock.

Root lock can be devastating to your crops, as your green babies will fail to absorb all the essential nutrients they need properly.

As a rule of thumbs, you must be finished with transplanting your marijuana plants into the final container before the flowering stage has begun.

With autoflower cannabis varieties, that means you have about a month to accomplish transplantation.

You will most probably only need to transfer your green beauties no more than 3 times.

However, bear in mind that typically, you will only need to transfer your emerald princesses just twice.

The 1st transplant is soon after the first weeks of vegetation have passed on an average.

That is when you will have to place your green babies from their small plastic cup to a suitable pot, about 2 times the size of the 1stone.

After about one more week, you will be ready to proceed with another transplanting.

Now here comes the thinnest line in your mission of understanding what size pot for autoflower plants work best.

You need to acknowledge the specifics of the particular autoflowering strain you are dealing with.

#2 – How to Choose Between 2.5 gallons vs. Autoflower in 5 Gallon Pots?

Autoflowering cannabis varieties will rarely exceed 18 inches in height.

However, some strains will reach about 10 inches while others might grow up to 20 inches or more.

That’s exactly what you need to understand and utilize as to make sure you will provide the most suitable growing conditions for your beauties.

Just check the description of the autoflower strain you have ordered.

All of the reputable seed banks provide a detailed guide on what to expect in terms of growing patterns.

If your autoflower cannabis is not supposed to grow any taller than 15 inches on an average, then opting for 2.5 gallons containers will work perfectly fine.

2.5 gallons will allow enough space for the root system to develop without reaching the phase of root lock and without becoming suffocated due to lack of room to grow.

Meanwhile, if the strain you are dealing with is supposed to grow taller than 15 inches, 5-gallon pots might be a much better option.

Experienced cannabis cultivators explain that 5-gallon buckets can help to maximize yields with about 20%.

Intriguingly, they also point out that 5-gallon pots for autoflowering strains help to produce a few fewer buds, which are much larger and juicier, as opposed to a few more buds, which are, however, smaller in size.

I must admit that my experience with auto-flowering cannabis varieties so far has always been utilizing approximately 3 gallon containers.

Regardless of the particular strain I have been taking care of, I was always more than merely satisfied with the results.

However, just a week ago, I had a brief chat with a much-seasoned cannabis grower, who is currently working as a budtender.

He pretty much convinced me that I might have been missing a lot for not trying to maximize my yields with the help of 5-gallon pots.

All in all, it is a big matter of recognizing the growing patterns of your autoflower strain.

Nevertheless, if you are just getting started with autos, you won’t really have any base as to make a comparison.

But happily, with each growing operation, you will simply become much more aware of the most suitable sized containers for the particular strain you are dealing with.

The Bottom Line

I hope the information I shared with you will help you on your quest of recognizing what size pot for autoflower will work best for you.

Just remember that anything between 2.5 and 5 gallons can work well, as long as you are careful about transplanting your plants and taking care of its quick recovery.

But what’s more, don’t freak out, buddies because autoflowers are simply made to make our life as marijuana growers so much easier!

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