when to harvest marijuana

When to Harvest Marijuana

Knowing when to harvest marijuana is indeed necessary. There are different kinds of information available on the web today that talks about the different times of harvesting weeds of marijuana. Different sources have different ideas regarding when is the best time for you to harvest weeds or marijuana. Some experts say that it really depends on one’s personal taste. Harvesting weeds or marijuana is just like harvesting any kinds of plants. These articles should give you basic information about when to harvest marijuana.

It is important that you harvest the marijuana correctly. You need to consider some few important factors first before you start harvesting the plants. If it is your goal to harvest top quality weeds or marijuana, then it is crucial that you learn the basics of harvesting. You don’t want to harvest your marijuana plants without knowing the basics. There are consequences that you will have to pay if you got it all wrong. This is why you need to be 100% sure that whatever instructions you are following, it has to be right.

When Do You Start Chopping the Marijuana Plants?

In order to achieve potent cultivation, correct harvesting method should be practiced. It is vital that you are careful when cutting down the marijuana plants. You don’t want to cut or chop them too early and you also want to avoid cutting it too late. You have to have an eye that can identify whether or not the plants are ripe for harvesting. And the best way for you to determine whether or not it is ready is to check and examine the pistils. During the start of flowering, you will notice that these pistils or these long hairs have a white color. However, once the flowering period is about to end, expect the color to turn from white to orange. The color is a good indication that the buds of your marijuana plants have become mature.

Take note that different varieties or weeds or marijuana plants also have different varieties of time frame when it comes to harvest. This is why you need to do some research first and gather more information about the seeds or the strains that you have. It is important that you know how long you need to wait for that particular seed or strain before you harvest it. There is much useful information available on the web today that can give you great information about the different harvest time of different varieties of weed. There are marijuana plants out there that are more potent and more delicious if you harvest them for a longer period of time. The key to a great harvest is knowing what the seeds or strains that you have.

So When is the Best Time?

After the flowering period, you can expect your weeds or marijuana plants to look less healthy. The pistils are becoming dark brown or turning read. In some varieties, the stems are beginning to broaden. If you notice these things, then they are ready to harvest. As we mentioned earlier, different varieties have different harvest time. Like for example, you can harvest Sativa after 10 weeks of flowering. Meanwhile, you can harvest Indica after 8 weeks. Examining the trichome is also important since this can help you determine the ripeness of the marijuana plants. You can see them on the outside of the weed buds – they look like sugar crystals.

You need to have the right timing if you want to ensure that you are harvesting top quality weeds or marijuana plants. According to research, it is best that you harvest weeds during the dark or before the light comes in. It is not good to let your weeds or marijuana plants see a direct light. Keep in mind that light can attract sugars and starches – you don’t want these.

Outdoor and Indoor Harvest

When you have outdoor weed strains, it is best that you know the exact days or months when to harvest it. While in indoor strains, it is important that you take note of the flowering period. Most common indoor marijuana strains take 8-10 weeks from when they begin to produce flowers until they are already ready to be harvested. There are also strains that can take longer than 12 weeks.

You don’t want to harvest your weeds or marijuana plants without numbers the days or observing its appearance. If this is your first time to plant marijuana plants, then it is best that you do some research first. There are books available on the web today that can give you awesome information as to when is the best time to harvest weeds or marijuana. It is also necessary that you take the time to read blogs written by experts who have been harvesting different varieties or weeds for many years now. If you want to enjoy a great harvest, then it is critical that you know when to do it.

Asking Questions

There are many online communities that you can follow or subscribe. You can post questions or inquiries about these online communities or forums. There are numerous individuals out there who are willing to share with you their knowledge when it comes to harvesting weeds or marijuana. It is also advisable that you read discussions that are posted on the Internet. Don’t just focus on reading blogs or articles but you also need to interact with other people and check what methods they are using or what timeline they are following when it comes to harvesting weeds or marijuana plants.

After harvesting the weeds, it is best that you take note of its flavor, smell, potency, and shelf life. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the weeds, then it is best that you document it and make some adjustments. Don’t be afraid to explore or do experimentation. Learning from your mistakes. The best thing about planting and harvesting marijuana is that it gives you a meditative experience. Stay positive and you will definitely be able to master when to harvest marijuana.

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