Why Does Marijuana Make Your Eyes Red

Why Does Marijuana Make Your Eyes Red?

Marijuana users completely know how red their eyes can get whenever they use it. The bloodshot eyes are very common for recreational users. However, why Does Marijuana Make Your Eyes Red? This may sound very mysterious for some; however, some facts will provide you the right explanation behind this.

A lot of you here might be panicking why your eyes turned red and finding the best explanation available. Well, first off, you have to relax, because there’s nothing to worry about in the first place. 

Fortunately, for hardcore stoners, they’ve already preached to the novices that there are no serious risks to their health when their eyes all of a sudden turned red. Weed eyes it’s what’s they call it as slang in the cannabis world is neither an allergic reaction nor a complication from smoking cannabis. 

Weed eyes are a natural occurrence that happens every time you inhale the good stuff from smoking cannabis. Also, another fact to take your worries away is that weed eyes have nothing to do with the action of inhaling the smoke from cannabis at all. 

So why does marijuana make your eyes red? 

Scientifically, since because your blood pressure lowers, your capillaries are dilated after consuming cannabis either through smoking, edibles, or concentrate. Users commonly experience increased blood pressure and increased heart rate. 

The weed eyes are the results of the chemical compounds that are also responsible for the medicinal benefits that you get from cannabis. The weed eyes are the initial reaction of our body when we inhale or consume cannabis. 

The increased blood pressure as well as the increased heart rate can be compared to doing exercise and even sexual intercourse. 

In general, a normal person’s normal blood pressure and heart rate to return to its normal level. As your heart rate and blood pressure gradually lower, this results in dilated blood capillaries and blood vessels which include your ocular capillaries. 

This dilation causes the blood flow to increase in your eyes which results in bloodshot eyes that also decrease intraocular pressure. 

Weed eyes are the most common and vintage giveaway that a person has smoked cannabis unless they exposed their eyes to smoke or just finished crying. For most cannabis users, this is a guaranteed experience to have weed eyes while for some, this is not an issue at all. Also, weed eyes occur depending on the amount and the potency of the cannabis they have consumed. 

What are the other factors that cause weed eyes? 

The main cause of the weed eyes is the THC which also happens to be the main therapeutic benefit for people who suffer from the eye problem called glaucoma. 

THC helps lower your blood pressure which causes dilated blood vessels and blood capillaries. For glaucoma patients, it is beneficial for them to have increased blood flow in their eyes which improves their eyesight. 

Is this permanent? Or just a temporary 

While weed eyes are a great giveaway that you’re smoking weed, this is always not the case though. This is because various cannabis strains have a different level of THC and CBD that might not induce red eyes even when you get too high. 

To tell you more, there are a lot of factors at play than just the THC level on the strain you’re using. This is because the effects of a single strain vary from person to person. This means that the effects might not be the same on different people using it. There are different factors behind this which mainly revolve around the health, genetics, and gender of the user. 

Regardless of the person experiences weed eyes or not, this is mainly influenced by their body’s blood pressure. If a person has a higher blood pressure that needs a higher level of THC to lower his or her blood pressure, this will result to weed eyes. For people with normal blood pressure or has low blood pressure, they can also experience weed eyes. 

With that in mind, people who have allergic reactions to weed can experience different symptoms aside from weed eyes. However, weed eyes should be their least concern because there are serious allergic reactions that can be harmful to their health. 

Is there a remedy for weed eyes? 

Weed eyes are harmless and a very common side effect of using cannabis, so you should not worry about having this. However, a lot of people consider this as a nuisance especially those who are just using cannabis for medicinal use because it leaves a wrong impression on them. For those who have work and have to take their prescribed THC concentrate, this creates a stigma that can result in apprehension and legal questioning. 

To help you out, here are some quick fixes to get rid of weed eyes: 

  • Use eye drops- An over-the-counter eye drops will instantly get rid of weed eyes along with their redness. Since eye drops are made from tetryzoline that reduces the constricted blood vessels to normal is very useful to relax the dilated capillaries and vessels on your eyes. 
  • Coldwater- This very simple remedy that you can find in your home is a potent vasoconstrictor which means it helps your body to ease down its blood pressure level especially in your eyes. Washing your face with cold water, or much better get an ice bag and place it on your eyes for a few minutes will reduce the redness of your eyes. 
  • Use low THC strain- Since THC is the main culprit of weed eyes; you have the freedom to choose another strain that has a lower THC level to avoid weed eyes. However, be sure that the alternative strain you’re choosing has the same medicinal effects as the one you’ve replaced. 
  • Use it after work or school- Lastly; if you don’t want to get everyone’s attention with your weed eyes, it would be better if you consume it after work or school. Since medicinal cannabis has psychoactive effects, this might also affect your comprehension and motor skills while at school or work, so it would be better to consume after calling it a day. 


So, Why Does Marijuana Make Your Eyes Red? Well, as we’ve detailed above, there are various reasons why this happens, and there are also various reasons for you not to worry about it! What’s important is you use marijuana in moderation if you’re using it recreationally.

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