Why is my Weed Plant Wilting

Is there a tiny voice in your head, whispering anxiously Why is my weed plant wilting right now?

First off, cheer up, bud-buddies, because wilting marijuana plants are not the worst-case scenario among the numerous issues you might face on your cannaventure.

With the right attitude, you can quickly help your green princesses recover and turn back to normal.

Keep reading to find the reason for your cannabis plants’ wilting or drooping, as well as the best ways to handle the situation.

#1 – How to Tell if My Cannabis Plant is Wilting or Drooping?

Before we dig any further, it is crucial to understand there is a thin line between marijuana plants wilting and drooping.

Ultimately, the major reasons for either wilted or droopy leaves are the inappropriate amount of water you give to your cannabeauties.

In the case of wilting leaves, you are dealing with underwatering.

On the other hand, if you are overwatering, then the leaves will droop.

Check out this picture in order to visualize the difference between wilting and drooping of your weed plant.

Wilting leaves are curling predominantly at the tips, and yellowing also tends to become apparent.

Droopiness affects the entire plant and it starts looking quite sad, as if lifeless and tired. There would be no signs of yellow coloring, though.

Here’s a quick comparison.

#2 – Why is My Weed Plant Wilting (or Drooping)?

As briefly mentioned above, the most common reason for wilting or drooping is none other than overwatering or underwatering your green ladies.

A good rule of thumbs to make sure you give your marijuana garden the right amount of water involves no special tools. All you need to use is one of your fingers.

When you stick a dry finger into the soil (about an inch deep), you can check if the growing medium feels moist or dry easily. That’s a necessary move if you are not so experienced with marijuana growing because the upper layer of the soil is very deceiving.

Sometimes, it may appear as if your plants are completely dry, while in fact, there is plenty of moisture beneath that upper layer.

#3 – How to Help Wilting and/or Drooping Marijuana Plants?

In both cases, the quicker you act to help your plants recover, the better.

Provided your emerald princesses are fed too much water, this may lead to far more complicated issues, such as root rot.

Nevertheless, too little water will cause slowing down of the growth of your weed plants, which is bad news since it may harm your yields. Then again, reacting timely is your best move.

Wilting cannabis beauties are very thirsty.

However, you must not give them too much water at once, as this may cause additional stress. Start little by little and make your way up as you keep track of how the plant reacts to the increased amount of water.

At any cost, avoid adding any fertilizer before you make sure your plants have recovered.

I know this sounds pretty tempting as many of us associate fertilization with a quick boost for the plants’ well-being. Anyway, remember this is not an option at this point.

Check the pH balance of the water you are feeding to your thirsty princesses to avoid any further concerns.

When it comes to handling the issues with droopiness, of course, you need to start watering your plants less. But first, don’t forget to check the bottom of the pot. Sometimes, it might be poor drainage causing the droopy leaves and lifeless appearance of your green babes.

On another note, take your time to check if the soil you use is actually suitable for marijuana growing.

Many commonly sold soil mixtures are well-tailored for house plants but not exactly for cannabis cultivation purposes. If that’s the case, then you may need to transfer your cannabeauties into a new type of soil.

Keep in mind that sometimes, your mistake causing droopiness might not be excess watering in general but rather than that simply pouring too much water at once.

You won’t drown yourself in a bottle of water even if you are thirsty, right, or you will feel even worse. Well, it’s pretty much the same with your emerald princesses.

Switching to smaller amounts of water can help to both blocks and avoid any future problems, related to overwatering.

Fortunately, if you are growing your weed hydroponically, it is simply impossible to notice wilting leaves.

After all, how can this happen since the growing medium is water? Hence, you should not worry about overwatering.

However, droopiness can affect hydroponic growers. In such cases, it is the lack of oxygen in the growing medium which leads to drooping leaves. Thus, you may need to utilize an air pump to fix the problem.

The Bottom Line

Now that we are at the end of this article, I want you to silence that tiny voice in your head. Yeah, I mean the one making you freak out on repeat Why is my weed plant wilting? And then What is going on?! What have I done wrong? Will I ever be able to fix this?

Yes, you will be able to fix this, and there is nothing to worry about, as long as you don’t delay to take action.

Remember weed plants will always strive to survive and flourish, so handling with some minor concerns will every now and then will only help you to become a better cannabis cultivator.

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