easiest way to grow weed

What is the Easiest Way to Grow Weed

Growing marijuana is one of the most interesting hobbies you can ever have as one plant can yield enough pot to fill your stash for several months. And because cannabis plants are such very strong plants, they can easily grow in many different environmental conditions, even in the most imperfect circumstances, and still yield a fruitful harvest.

For someone who’s never grown marijuana, and doesn’t know where to start, here is the easiest way to grow weed that suits new growers.

Grow Indoors or Outdoors

Growing marijuana either indoors or outdoors always has benefits and disadvantages over the other. Inside the grow room, you are fully in control of all the aspects of the growing environment from light, to temperature and humidity among others. You can also adjust the conditions inside your grow room to suit a particular strain or grow. Plus, your crops are much safer from people and authorities, especially if growing marijuana is prohibited by the law.

You can cultivate marijuana indoors using an artificial grow light, such as either using the following options: high-pressure sodium (HPS), metal halide (MH), LED, Compact fluorescents (CFLs) and others. All types have advantages and disadvantages, and pricing varies widely depending on what type of lights you choose.

If growing outdoors is allowed, and you have the ideal climate needed by marijuana plants, then your next option is to grow marijuana under the sun. This is a great way to make high quality weed and it is inexpensive unlike when growing indoors. Outdoor plants thrive well under the sun and don’t need any special equipment to produce large yields. Some growers also grow cannabis inside greenhouses if you want to utilize natural sunlight.

Should you Start with Seeds or Clones?

As a new grower, you can start with seeds, but it will take about a month or two to grow big enough and be moved into a permanent environment like the outdoors or in a greenhouse. Growing marijuana from seeds gives any grower the best chance of growing cannabis that’s free from any sorts of diseases and pests. Seeds are the best way for most people to start with because marijuana seeds can easily be purchased on the internet.

When planting marijuana from seeds, make sure to purchase high-quality cannabis strains from a trusted seed bank. There will be instances that you’ll find seeds from marijuana you’ve bought, in which they can be used for planting. However, the quality of these bag seeds is frequently different from the buds where it came from and could just waste all the time and effort you’re going to put on it.

Whereas, when planting with cannabis clones, there’s no need for sexing as you’re guaranteed that your plants will be exactly the same as the mother plant. Growers who are planting clones usually have the head start than starting with seeds, since clones are usually established and strong when you start to grow them. Clones usually have a shorter growing period, thus will be ready for harvest faster than marijuana plants from seeds.

Furthermore, clones are genetically identical with their parent, so you’ll know exactly what to expect with your plants. This will also mean that your clones can also inherit any problems existing with the mother plant, like pests and diseases. Clones are sensitive and picky about nutrients and lights that’s why it’s better for a new grower to start planting with seeds.

Start with Easy to Grow Strains

Perhaps, the easiest way to grow weed is to start with easy-to-grow strains. There are a lot of cannabis strains available that suit the skills of a beginner grower. For most, the important thing when you’re a beginner is to harvest as fast as possible. To do so, your best option is to grow auto-flowering strains of cannabis.

With an auto strain, you’ll be able to harvest your weed between 2 to 3 months from seeds as they automatically flower even without changing the photoperiod cycle. However, in some ways, some auto-flowering strains may not suit a beginner. If you mess up within the first few weeks of your plant’s growth, you’ll end up with a small plant with very small yields upon harvest.

For that reason, you can also start with a photoperiod strain that’s easy to grow and has a very high tolerance to common grower’s mistakes. For instance, if the odor is your concern, you can start with the Northern Lights strain. Northern Lights is a potent strain that exudes less smell than other marijuana varieties. This plant also tends to grow short and produces a quick harvest.

When choosing for a seed strain to plant, think about the effects that you want from marijuana too. Indica strains produce huge buds and excellent yields that produce strong body effects. Most indica strains cause pleasurable and relaxing body buzz which is great for medicating. On the other hand, sativa strains grow tall and big and produce buds that are high in THC. Sativa strains can produce energetic, uplifting effects to its users.

Overall, growing weed is easy as long as you put all your knowledge, time, and dedication into the success of your grow. The best and easiest way to grow weed comes with experience.

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