Regular Weed Seeds for Sale

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What are Regular Marijuana Seeds?

Regular cannabis seeds are marijuana seeds that will grow regular plants. Regular marijuana plants are also called photoperiod plants which means these will depend on the amount of light and darkness it gets to bloom. Usually, photoperiod/regular cannabis plants will bloom when it detects that daylight is getting shorter and nighttime is getting longer. When regular cannabis plants are grown indoors, these plants will flower when the light schedule is 12 hours light and 12 hours darkness. 

Another quality of photoperiod cannabis seeds is you don’t know if you’re growing male or female plants. The only time you’ll find out the gender of your plants is during the flowering phase. Males will grow sacs or balls while females will develop lovely white wispy flowers or pistils. It’s important to separate male from female plants to avoid pollination if you’re planning on growing marijuana. But if you want to grow seeds or you want to breed new cannabis strains, males are left in the grow room to pollinate female plants. 

Photoperiod seeds may not be as popular as other seed types. Many growers don’t use regular seeds because of the fear of accidental pollination where a male plant pollinates females. When this happens, you’ll have a garden full of seeds instead of weed! Growers that cultivate marijuana for recreational or medicinal purposes prefer feminized marijuana seeds rather than photoperiod seeds as feminized seeds save them time, money, effort, and resources.

What makes Photoperiod Cannabis Seeds so Popular?

A lot of growers who would like to cultivate cannabis seeds choose regular marijuana seeds as you can grow male and female plants. But those who wish to grow cannabis may dislike regular plants as any missed male plant can lead to accidental pollination. 

Regular Seeds Help Marijuana Strain Breeders

Breeders require male and female cannabis plants to produce new strains. They use regular marijuana seeds to cultivate female and male plants and let the males pollinate females to make seeds. Combining two different strains will create new hybrid strains and this can only be done with regular plants. 

Regular Seeds are the Most Affordable Type of Seeds

In almost all online seed banks, photoperiod seeds are the cheapest type of seeds. And because you don’t have to spend so much on buying seeds, you can use your money to purchase other things you need like fertilizer, lighting, dirt, etc. Cannabis seeds are very expensive and even a few savings can go a long way.

Regular seeds are challenging to cultivate

Nothing can be more challenging to cultivate than photoperiod seeds. You’ll learn how to apply proper lighting to bloom cannabis and to carefully distinguish male from female plants. 

How Do You Cultivate Regular Cannabis Seeds?

Cultivating regular cannabis seeds for the first time? Here are some techniques to help you out:

Cultivate cannabis seeds in the right environment

Photoperiod seeds may be cultivated in soil or in hydro. Consider the size and growing requirements of the regular strain you wish to grow before you buy seeds. You can grow regular seeds indoors or outdoors but we recommend you do it indoors. 

Indoor cultivation of seeds makes it easier to apply a special 12-hour light and 12-hour dark lighting schedule to your plants. You need to follow this schedule until your plants bloom or else, your plants will remain in the vegetative phase. Also, indoor growing helps protect your delicate plants from pests and severe temperatures and weather conditions. 

Apply the correct fertilizer or plant food

Use correct fertilizer products as the nutrient requirements of marijuana plants and seeds vary from the growing phase to the flowering phase. We also recommend using commercially-prepared organic nutrients to prevent nutrient problems. During the vegetative phase, a cannabis plant needs more nitrogen as this nutrient is necessary for the growth of new leaves, stems, roots, and branches meanwhile, marijuana plants during the flowering time need more phosphorus and potassium as these are vital for bud growth, density, and quality.

Grow proper soil developed for a cannabis plant

If you prefer to grow cannabis in soil, we recommend organic soil ideal for cultivating marijuana plants. Organic soil is soil loaded with natural nutrients, no preservatives and toxins, ingredients that can affect the overall health of your plants. This type of soil contains organic matter, live microorganisms, minerals, nutrients, and other natural ingredients. You can buy this kind of soil from cannabis online sites or from gardening websites.

Enhance yield with trimming techniques

Photoperiod marijuana seeds are 50 female and 50 male and thus, you won’t know the gender of your plants until you are at the blooming phase. But you can start tending to your plants to control its growth and prepare for the flowering phase by trimming.

Trimming marijuana plants is removing excess growth so that the energy that plants create is maximized towards developing its buds. Trimming is like pruning and may be done when the plant is near the flowering stage. When trimming is properly done, you will have plants with more bud sites which can produce many yields.

Choose from sativa or indica regular marijuana plants

Photoperiod marijuana plants and seeds can be sativa or indica strains or hybrid strains (a combination of indica and sativa marijuana; there are many hybrid strains). You must choose the correct type of strain to get the best results.

Sativa plants are tall, stately, and will take more time to grow than indica plants. Sativas will produce more yields but will need a larger space to cultivate as these plants can become very tall and wide. This is why growers cultivate sativa strains outdoors. Meanwhile, indica photoperiod strains are smaller than sativa plants and may grow faster than sativas but will produce less yield. Because indica plants are smaller, these may be grown indoors instead.

Buy regular seeds from trusted seed banks

We believe that in order to grow a healthy, high-yielding marijuana plant, you must start with a quality cannabis seed. You need the best plants with the best genetics to create great marijuana. Also, to guarantee healthy, good quality female offspring, you must start with fresh seeds cannabis. And the only way to buy regular or to purchase seeds regular marijuana plants is to rely on reputable seed banks. Before you buy, read reviews, check recommendations from users, and check the price. Buy from a seed bank with years of experience in selling and breeding marijuana seeds regular varieties.

Why feminized cannabis instead of a photoperiod seeds strain?

Many growers prefer to cultivate feminized seeds rather than photoperiod marijuana seeds. This is because feminized marijuana plants will avoid accidental pollen transfer from male to female plants. Also, growers won’t have to waste time removing male plants as you are guaranteed to grow all female plants when you cultivate feminized seeds.

5 Best regular marijuana seeds

The following are our top picks for the best photoperiod marijuana seeds:

Durban Poison 

This is a pure Sativa strain that comes from the South African city of Durban. This strain is one of the most popular online because of its delicious sweet smell and energetic effects. Many order these seeds to grow new cannabis breeds and this is why it’s popular for many years.

White Widow 

This is a balanced hybrid known as one of the most popular cannabis strains in the world. The cannabis seeds of a White Widow are available from only the top marijuana seed suppliers.


This strain is a combination of Sativa and Indica genetics that flowers fast in just 8 weeks with a signature smell and flavor. Skunk regular seeds are also used in breeding new strains.

Power Plant XL 

Is for beginner growers and is an upgraded version of the Power Plant combined with Dutch genetics. This is popular for its sweet and sour tastes and its uplifting heady high. Power Plant XL cannabis seeds are chosen by people who would like to harvest more. If you want more weed one way is to select a very productive

Critical XXL 

Is a strain that can produce the best yields and will give you a classic couchlock effect. Critical XXL marijuana seeds are available in most top seeds suppliers sites.