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10 Best Cartoons to Watch When You’re High

Getting high brings you a lot of feelings inside apart from that couch-locking effect. You become happy, enthusiastic, energized, focused, and everything else that’s positive. If you find yourself craving for food or sleep, it’s normal, too.

You can do almost anything and watching TV is one of the things stoners love to do. What to watch on TV? Of course, it’s not the dramatic or horror types of films that will suit your high-feeling. Try the 10 top best cartoons to watch when you’re high and see how elevated your high-ness will be.

Top 10 Best Cartoons to Watch When You’re High

Reminisce the good old days you’ve had when you were young and energetic still. No matter how distorted, unrealistic, or unbelievable the contents of these cartoons are, you’ll surely find nothing wrong with them as you watch. Mary Jane’s got your back!

Top 1 – Aqua Teen Hunger Force

You’ll laugh at this cartoon not because they’re funny but because they’re just not making any sense at all. The creators seem like they, too, were on a high when they’re creating this cartoon. It has a weird plot and the animation that mocks itself makes this an interesting watch. Technically speaking, Aqua Teen Hunger Force isn’t that enjoyable material anyone would love but as you get deeper into the high, it’s going to be different. Toke more and be higher to find out!

Top 2 – Looney Toons

Starring those cute little animals such as the bunnies, ducks, and the pig is this Looney Toons cartoon that will make you love getting high. This one’s a classic favorite for its complete flavor of entertainment and relaxation. They get away from death and make things look realistic for animals to be acting like humans, too. It’s far different from the episodes on Netflix because it’s short but memorable.

Top 3 – Rick and Morty

Light up more bong or joint when you watch this cartoon. You’ll never get tired of watching the episodes of Ricky Morty! Take that from the obvious jokes and inside jokes, they present in each show that will test if you are a loyal fan. It’s a must-watch from start to end or you’ll never be able to catch up with the storyline that easy.

Top 4 – The Ren and Stimpy Show

There’s this story about two characters that are very different from each other but became best friends nonetheless. Ren being a modern-day machine who’s always stressed and Stimpy being a fun-loving, cheerful buddy made a perfect match. They’re just unbeatable when it comes to making you happy for long hours.

Top 5 – Adventure Time

The animation presented in Adventure Time may be unique and unusual for you to see during these days of high-technology and modernization. It remasters the classic well-loved children’s cartoons with the appearance of characters. However, the dialogues that seem suggestive and funny easily captures the heart of any adult in the audience. To better enjoy this cartoon and its fun impact, you got to take some more dose of that ganja and savor the moment.

Top 6 – Samurai Jack

Those samurai warriors you’ve come to know stars in this cartoon show. The western part of the world that’s been long mesmerized by the culture of the Japanese people also came to love this samurai concept. Samurai Jack combines the idea of samurai clans from the Japanese and those from Western culture. This cartoon together with a highly euphoric Sativa will deliver to you an extraordinary kind of joy and one of a kind satisfaction.

Top 7 – SpongeBob Square pants

The funny cute creature from Bikini Bottom comes to you with the best of laughing stuff that will make your toke more memorable and satisfying. It’s your must-watch list even today when many other more high defined cartoons have been created. SpongeBob has invaded all social platforms as well through the internet where you can find a whole bunch of memes with his face.

Top 8 – Sailor Moon

Pretty much like it’s exclusive for girls only, this Sailor Moon cartoon is still a well-loved show. It does not have bizarre characters nor a nonsense plot of events. Sailor Moon is about young girls becoming heroes of their time. This cartoon combines action, romance, fantasy, and the oddness that’s been popular for many years. Both men and women have grown fond of this because of its relatable concept.

Top 9 – Freakazoid

If heroes before used to be the good-looking and kind-hearted individuals of special powers and talent, Freakazoid is 100% different. From the way he looks to the way he acts as a hero to the community, this character easily caught the attention of the big audience. It’s an anti-hero, the first of its kind. Freakazoid is slightly psychotic in the sense that he’s acting deranged and crazy way. Watch Freakazoid suit your hard-hitting indica high.

Top 10 – South Park

This funny, satirical cartoon show is proof that cartoons are not only meant for kids and entertainment. The controversy it contains helped in its fame that transpires up to now and remains an unbeatable one. It has 22 seasons that have sustained its favor from the crowd.

Why It’s Nice to Watch a Cartoon While You’re High

If you get high while at home and you’re face to face with your TV, your natural reaction would be to pick up the remote control, scan the channels, and find what’s nice to watch to enjoy further the high you feel.

The best cartoons to watch when you’re high can be anything that matches your fun and lively feeling while you’re influenced by the spirit of your chosen bud strain. Since you’re couch-locked, why not just sit back, relax, and savor that feeling while the TV is on, right?

When you’re watching a cartoon while you’re high, you get to level up the fun you’re feeling inside. No energy is wasted with sad or dull moments.

Final Thoughts

It’s not bad to take some time to go back to childhood and reminisce about the joyful things you used to do like watching cartoons. Try watching one of these top 10 best cartoons to watch when you’re high and see how much more wonderful your weed smoking experience will be.

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